The Global Implications of India’s Microcredit Crisis – Discussion

The largest crisis in the history of microfinance is now unfolding in India. After five years of growth so fast it has been described as “indescribable,” and after a lucrative initial public offering (IPO) by the leading firm, the government of the state of Andhra Pradesh has cracked down.

Amid reports of microcredit-linked suicides, the state has urged borrowers to stop repaying, and millions have heeded the call. Bankruptcies of some of the world’s largest microcreditors are now a realistic possibility.

Reality of Microfinance in India

What is the reality of microcredit in India? Is the backlash an engineered campaign to protect a government-run (and World Bank–financed) finance program from private-sector competition? Or has the fast growth in credit ensnared the poor in debt? Some of each ?

In the below video, well known experts on microfinance like  Swaminathan Anklesaria Aiyar, David Roodman and others discuss the above questions..

Duration : 1 hour 34 Minutes

Link to Video

Source : Center for Global Development

swaminatha aiyer microfinance discussion

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