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Solve a Global Challenge and get Rs 6 Crore in Funding – BMGF

The Grand Challenges Exploration , an initiative of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is now accepting applications for it’s 14th Round. Selected applicants stand to win an initial grant of US$ 100,000(Rs 60 Lakh) and will qualify to receive additional funding of up to US$ 1 Million (Rs 6 Crore).

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – Grand Challenges

The Grand Challenge seeks innovative and creative solutions to many of the challenges facing the world in global healthcare and development.It seeks to challenge innovators and businesses to come up with unique solutions to challenges facing human society. Since inception of the challenge, funding grants have been awarded to more than 1000 projects in 50 countries.

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This year the challenge is looking for a wide range of solutions such a service that can provide universal acceptance of mobile money transfers and payments and a solution for reducing child deaths from pneumonia. The full list is given below :

Topics for Grand Challenges Explorations are as follows :

  • Enabling Universal Acceptance of Mobile Money Payments: We seek new solutions that promote the use of mobile phone-based payments by smaller merchants, service providers, and others serving the poor.
  • Reducing Childhood Deaths from Pneumonia: We seek new ways to reduce pneumonia fatalities through timely, effective treatment of children.
  • Reducing Malaria Transmission by Outdoor Mosquitoes: We seek to reduce malaria parasite transmission that occurs by mosquito bites outdoors, which is not addressed by the insecticide treated nets and indoor sprays that are effective in preventing transmission within houses at night.
  • Supporting New Mosquito-control Approaches: We seek new ways to capture and test mosquitoes and grow them in the laboratory to support new approaches for controlling mosquito-borne diseases.
  • Measuring Brain Development and Gestational Age: We seek better ways to measure cognitive development and gestational age, which are critical for designing and assessing the effectiveness of strategies targeting children’s healthy growth and development. This topic is being undertaken in partnership with Grand Challenges Canada’s Saving Brains initiative.
  • Integrating Community-based Interventions: We seek new ideas for integrating existing mass drug administration platforms for neglected tropic diseases with other community-based health interventions or services, with the goal of increasing the efficiency and impact of both types of programs.

The last date to submit your applications is November 12, 2014.

Interested candidates and organizations can submit their applications online.

To know more about the challenge and application process visit:

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