Featured Website – Microfinance Podcast by Microsave

Launched in 2008 by MicroSave, Microfinance Podcast is a fast growing collection of short documentaries, video interviews and tutorials on microfinance.

Microfinance Podcast features

* industry pioneers
* leading microfinance institutions
* training clips on products and methods
* “hot topics” in microfinance

You can watch short video clips to gain more knowledge about the microfinance sector.You can also download them and use them to train your staff or students.

Visit the Website – http://www.microfinancepodcast.com

micro save


About Micro Save
MicroSave was established in Africa in 1998, and quickly emerged as one of the world’s leading technical assistance, training and technical resource centre. MicroSave’s studies are referenced to in much of the leading literature on microfinance, and its toolkits are used across the globe by microfinance organisations seeking to professionalise their products/services, management and systems.

Microsave in India
In 2003, MicroSave was asked by the UK Government’s development assistance department (the Department for International Development – DFID) to explore setting up operations in India. After a long period of consultation, MicroSave started in Chennai in 2006 with support from ICICI Bank.

Soon thereafter, the Board of Trustees recommended moving the organisation’s head office to Lucknow, to ensure that it was based in the heart of the under-served and poorer northern states of India. Lucknow was also chosen with a view to developing close working relationships with the Small Industries Development Bank of India, the Bankers’ Institute of Rural Development and the Indian Institute of Management-Lucknow.

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