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Government of India – E-Payment Gateway to be launched in 2012

The Controller General of Accounts is launching a full-fledged electronic delivery of payment services through the Internet in 2012. To enable this, a Government e-Payment Gateway is envisaged as a critical infrastructural component to ensure that such transactions occur without any hitches and in total security over electronic networks.

E-Payment Gateway – Govt of India

The e-Payment Gateway will provide an operational component of the e-Governance infrastructure and a full payment facility that will allow secure online payments (e-Payments). The e-Payment Gateway will operate as a critical shared service with the COMPACT application at PAOs and Core Banking Solution of Banks.

e-payment gateway india

The goal of the e-payment gateway is expected to provide a mechanism to handle all Government payments transactions by the Pay and Accounts Offices of the Government of India. The e-payment gateway is a key enabler to the successful delivery of payment services and would increase the adoption of e-services due to its efficiency and ease-of-use. It would provide a single point of access for all Pay and Accounts Offices that serves all Central Government Ministries and Departments for online payment transactions. In addition, all Government payment transactions would be allowed to be searched and collated.

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