Dairy Processing Sector in India to treble from Rs 4,000 crore to Rs 12,000 Crore in 5 years

En route another ‘white’ revolution

Dairy sector is one of the key industries in India as the country is the leading producer and consumer of milk & milk-based products in the world. Although the level of milk processing is low currently, it is likely to increase in the near future with rise in demand for dairy products.

The value-added dairy products market in India is expected to treble to Rs.12,000 crore by 2014 from Rs. 4,000 crore in 2009.dairy product market statistics
Growth of Milk Processing in India

To tap this opportunity, packaged food players will have to focus on product development, distribution and marketing. ( This article was published in Modern Food Processing, December 2010 magazine )

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Source : TSMG

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