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Geek Trust – Curated Jobs For Freelance Developers

Imagine thousands of developers being able to work on their dream projects. Now, imagine these scattered developers from different cities in India coming together to build world class services and products for a global audience. This is the vision of Geek Trust, a Bangalore based company that is in the process of finding talented developers and connecting them with companies that need them.

India has a big pool of outstanding software talent. Indian developers are considered to be among the best in the world. Even if you look at startups in the valley, there is Indian talent everywhere – Steve Nadella & Sundar Pichai being torchbearers of how Indian talent can contribute to the world of tech.

India also has the fastest growing startup ecosystem in the world and stands third in terms of technology driven product startups as per Nasscom Startup Ecosystem Report 2015. Visionary software leadership and hands on coding talent are crucial to taking the best of these product startup ideas to the next level and closer to reality.

Sounds like a great scenario. Startups need talented developers and we have them aplenty. Yet, India is not at the forefront of cutting-edge tech products being developed out there. If anything, in spite of the perfect stage for take-off, many funded, winning ideas are still on the runway. There is no dearth of tech start-ups or funding for scalable, winning ideas. The problem seems to lie elsewhere – the existing methods of finding and hiring software talent doesn’t cater to the specific needs of the “innovation industry”.

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Krishnan Nair, founder of, says, “On the one hand, the tech hiring needs of start-ups or in fact, any company that’s in an innovative product development space, are very different from that of traditional IT companies. Invention and innovation need hands-on, imaginative, visionary developers right from the top all the way down to the junior developer on the team. On the other hand, there are seriously talented developers out there, not venturing out into the job market at all, because of how messy and intimidating the process currently is.”

On an average, a developer has to go through 8 steps from resume writing to rounds of interviews to on-sites and final interview before getting an offer from one company. The process lasts a good 3-4 months and hours of time and effort invested in those months.

The recruitment side of the story is no different. Quintype, a startup building a data-driven platform for media operations says “Ours is a truly game changing product and we need to solve very interesting technology problems at scale. This needs creative techies who have a broad range of skills, knows how to build for scale, and has a passion for building great software. We know that this talent exists but it’s hard to find. We have been expending a lot of energy across different avenues, sifting through hundreds of senior level CVs which are hard to find in the first place, shortlisting them and getting done with the interviews, only to find the candidate can’t really write good code.”

Hands on is the mantra in the start-up era. Why so much focus on being hands-on? Aren’t we supposed to grow from being a developer to manager to leader, with the need to be hands-on and write code on a daily basis decreasing as you go up the ladder?

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“If a developer in a senior role can’t write good code, it usually means he or she is not passionate enough about coding”, says Dhanush Gopinath, co-founder and CTO, at Geektrust. The Geektrust website has 3 backend coding challenges that a developer can choose to solve in any language of their choice. There a front end challenge that tests javascript coding skills. All the challenges are set in the imaginary planet of Lengaburu, with a quirky storyline added behind each challenge, making it more fun to solve than outputting algorithms.

Geektrust users find this a valuable proposition that takes the drudgery out of job search and allows them to “get hired doing what I do best”, as one of the users of Geektrust, put it, after clearing the coding challenge. “I just have to clear the code and Geektrust takes care of the rest. My code is my resume”, says Athira who found her job with Sahaj Soft on Geektrust.

Companies too find value in getting a pool of candidates who, they already know are good at their job. “Hence, companies give preference to Geektrust candidates, which is our proudest achievement yet. We believe a person’s code reveals a lot about their work style”, says Sneha, cofounder and CPO/Head of Product.

Since the beta launch of the platform, Geektrust has found great jobs for developers at niche product companies, exciting yet stable startups and even with a company in Europe. Krishnan says, “The number of placements are steadily increasing We hope to attract more of the best talent in the coming weeks for these companies that are pushing the boundaries in tech”.

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