M-CRIL India Indices of Microfinance 2012

Micro-Credit Ratings International Ltd (M-CRIL) has released the M-CRIL India Indices of Microfinance 2012. This release contains measures of the performance of 24 of the largest MFI’s in the country. It shows that the Indian MFI sector declined by 21% during 2011-12 and as much as 30% since the beginning of the crisis in October 2010. Nevertheless, MFI’s with no operations in AP are still doing reasonably well in terms of portfolio quality.

mcril microfinance index

CRILEX – the M‐CRIL India MFI Growth Index, a composite index of growth of microfinance institutions in India – uses information on the numbers of borrowers and the size of loan portfolio of the 24 largest MFI’s (each with more than 100,000 active borrowers). It adjusts the borrower numbers for multiple lending using conservative estimates for this phenomenon by M‐CRIL’s analysts – see below.

By 31 March 2012, CRILEX had fallen to 6,290

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Source : http://www.m-cril.com

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