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New business ideas and service innovation – Oct 2011

Given below is a list of new business services and innovative ideas that we came across over the past few weeks.

Roadless transportation network to help the world’s remote poor connect with global markets.
Conceived by an international team of business, design and engineering experts at California-based Singularity University, Matternet was born out of a desire to help the 1.4 billion people in the world who live in extreme poverty, usually without access to all-weather roads.

WaterWalla is a social enterprise that sources and introduces clean water technologies that improve the health of residents in urban slums worldwide.

Innovative Cooling Cap becomes a hot item
Pune man designs solar cap that not only keeps head shaded but also includes fan to dry sweat. GN

Adventure travel company helps female entrepreneurs in Nepal
OneSeed Expeditions organize trekking holidays in South Asia, investing 10 percent of revenue with a microfinance partner to help local female entrepreneurs.

cycle led lights

A cycle with led lighting system.

LED lighting system for bicycle wheels to revolutionize safety
Californian start-up Revolights are planning to revolutionize safety for cyclists with their bike lighting system.

New trend in emerging-market innovation: slums as inspiration.
In the last two years, there’s been keen interest among business leaders in the topic of so-called emerging-market innovation, sometimes also called “trickle-up innovation” or “reverse innovation.” Generally, this concept refers to the practice of adapting inventive low-cost products and services initially created for developing-world nations for audiences in wealthier regions of the world. Read the rest on Smart Planet

Indian carpooling service delivers eco savings reports
Based in Vadodara, OliveTrips not only connects commuters for shared trips, it also delivers periodic summaries of the savings that result.

Faster Condom Application
In South Africa, where more people are living with AIDS and HIV than any other country in the world, inventor Willem van Renburg recognized the need for a condom that is quicker and easier to apply than conventional models, in order to encourage more people to use them. After several years of development his idea became Pronto, a condom that can be put on in less than four seconds using a special applicator.

The emerging innovation capital of Russia
Tomsk in Siberia is all set to spearhead the country’s technological revolution. Hindu

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