CGAP launches Financial Inclusion Regulation Center

CGAP has launched a new Financial Inclusion Regulation Center to provide a broad, timely collection of the laws and regulations most relevant to key financial inclusion topics. The Regulation Center serves as an easily accessible resource for multiple purposes.financial inclusion cgap

Visit the center to know more about regulations affecting financial inclusion in India at the link below

CGAP Financial Regulation Center India

The Regulation Center allows regulators to quickly get an overview of different regulatory approaches across a number of countries in which they are interested, while also allowing researchers to utilize regulatory texts to perform more detailed analyses on topics such as licensing, organizational registration and risk management requirements for non-bank financial institutions

The Regulation Center includes the following four categories of information for nearly 30 countries:

1. Overview

Concise summary of the main institutions involved in providing financial services to the poor in a country, the government bodies regulating such institutions, and any country-specific highlights regarding ongoing policy or regulatory developments related to financial inclusion.

2. Regulators

Links to the websites of regulators who play a significant role in regulating and supervising institutions providing financial services to the poor.

3. Laws and Regulations (divided into 3 topics)

Copies of laws and regulations carefully selected for relevance to financial inclusion. General emphasis is on primary laws and main regulations, while more detailed rules issued by a regulatory authority are included based on importance. Where available, English language, official versions of legal texts are provided; otherwise, native language or unofficial versions, and/or unofficial translations, of legal texts are provided. For each law or regulation, the year in which such law or regulation was enacted or amended through and the language of such law or regulation if not English are both indicated. High-level summaries are provided for each law/regulation, as well as links to related laws/regulations, related amendments and other language versions.

Laws and regulations are grouped into the following three topics, with examples of subtopics covered in each topic:

  • Microfinance and banking ( for all countries)
  • Branchless banking ( for subset of countries)
  • Consumer protection  (for subset of countries)

4. Recommended Reading

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