Cashless & Low-Cost Health Insurance in India – A short film by MicroEnsure

Health Insurance by MicroEnsure from MicroEnsure.

Why do the poor need Health Insurance?

Research has shown that of all insurance products, health insurance is the most demanded by the poor. Public healthcare facilities often lack the capacity to provide an adequate standard of care. Although many people use private facilities, they often have to sell assets or take on debt in order to meet the cost of hospital care. This often has the greatest impact on women and children.

An estimated 20 million people a year, or a quarter of those receiving healthcare, fall below the poverty line as a result of the high cost of medical expenses.

Health Insurance by MicroEnsure

MicroEnsure has developed comprehensive low-cost health insurance which covers pre-existing illnesses and maternity care from day one. Service is provided on a cashless basis. Users simply present their ID card to receive treatment.

MicroEnsure launched its first cashless health insurance product in India in 2008. Remarkably it costs as little as nine dollars a year to provide health insurance cover for a family of four.

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