Business in India:Development Statistics and Data

I stumbled upon this very informative presentation about India as a Business Destination and thought our readers here will find it useful.

If you want to know key economic information about India, you should bookmark / save this presentation for your future reference. It has been created by Christopher Pappas, Ruth White, Sagar Churi and Souvik Biswas (International Business & Management)

There is also a report to go along with this presentation that you may find quite useful and it can be accessed at this link

Meanwhile the Centre for Development Finance @ IFMR has come up with two sites aimed at the development sector in India :

About India Development Indicators

Development data in India is copious, but poorly organized. Different sources have different formatting, “menus” of data are nowhere available, datasets reside in scattered agencies, among other problems. At the same time, the ability to quickly quantify and compare development outcomes across districts or states and over time is increasingly important for understanding policy priorities, benchmarking development outcomes, as well as evaluating policy successes.

The India Development Indicators website brings together disparate central, state, and local databases and makes these searchable by topic, place, and time, visualizable as charts, maps, and other graphics, and downloadable for analysis. The project, funded by, is a joint effort by KnowledgePlex, Inc. (KPI) and the Centre for Development Finance (CDF) at the Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR).

About Development Data Library

Development Data Library is an electronic library (e-library) that stores datasets and provides user-friendly features to upload, search, retrieve, comment on and rate datasets. The goal of this website is to create a central repository for development data and knowledge about India that will lower the transaction costs for researchers, civil society organizations, and others seeking data, enable wider dissemination of available data, and highlight priorities for new data collection to fully understand India and its varied constituent parts.

The e-library search facility will be available online and free to the public. Data may be uploaded or downloaded for free upon registration. We will make as much data as possible available for free, and provide links and information to available proprietary datasets as applicable. This website is created and maintained by the Development Metrics (DM) Group at the Centre for Development Finance, IFMR with support from under the “Inform and Empower Initiative”

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