Bharat Bill Payment System

The Reserve Bank of India has issued Draft Guidelines for Implementation of Bharat Bill Payment System and is now accepting comments from the public which can be emailed to The full draft guidelines can be accessed here.

bharat bill payments

Bharat Bill Payment

An RBI study estimates that each year about 30,800 million bills amounting to Rs 6223 billion are generated in the top 20 cities of the India which accounts for the bulk of the bills generated in this country. The study also found that the bulk of the payments are made by cash and cheque at the Billers own collection point which is very inefficient and time consuming compared to online payment.

To address these problems faced by consumers and agencies, the Reserve Bank of India plans to introduced a Bharat Bill Payment System.

The Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) will function as a tiered structure for operating the bill payment system in the country with a single brand image providing convenience of ‘anytime anywhere’ bill payment to customers.

The centralized bill payments infrastructure will consist of two types of entities carrying out distinct functions –

(i) Entity operating the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) (henceforth called as the BBPS ) which will be the standard setting body, which, inter-alia, will cover standards related to payment, clearing and settlement
process and

(ii) Bharat Bill Payment Operating Units (BBPOUs), which will be the authorised operational units, working in adherence to the standards set by the BBPS. The tiered structure could be further strengthened through an effective
establishment of agent network/s by the BBPOUs.

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