BASIX Group promotes gender equality through BWLC's

BASIX Women’s Leadership Council (BWLC) have been formed to identify and nurture women leaders within the BASIX Group

As a part of their organizational vision to make BASIX the “Greatest Place to Work In”, the Group Chairman, Vijay Mahajan and the BSFL CEO Sanjeev Viswanathan, envisioned the expansion of scope of the leadership pool to include more women.

The BASIX Women’s Leadership Council (BWLC) was thus constituted and formally inaugurated in the last week of July, 2010.As a part of this initiative the BASIX group will strive to double the numbers of women staff by 31st March 2011.basix gender equality women

The BASIX Group of Companies has since its inception , championed the cause of nurturing leadership talent both in-house as well as for the external requirements of the development sector.

The BASIX Women’s Leadership Council (BWLC) will focus on the following keyareas:

• Identify the Talent Attraction & Engagement Framework for inclusion.
• Identify and propose System to nurture/Groom Women Leaders.
• Build in “Gender & Diversity Sensitivity” into the Organizational Culture
• Design and implement “Flexi-work” culture to support work-life balance

Lakshmi Raman- a Basix Board member, while inaugurating the BWLC, lauded the initiative as being in direct alignment with the organizational mission of promoting livelihoods. Women employees will be better able to represent & champion the cause of enhancing livelihood opportunities for women in the country.

Further, they stressed on the need to build in best practices to overcome the challenges in attracting and retaining women, and advised the BWLC members to consider these aspects in their perspective planning.

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