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Asia Social Innovation Award 2014

The 2014 edition of the Asia Social Innovation Awards is inviting applications from social enterprises and entrepreneurs. Established by Social Ventures Hong Kong in 2008, the award seeks to create a culture of social innovation and enrich people’s knowledge on social issues across Asia.

asia innovation awards

Urban Social Problems : Call for Solutions

Candidates interested in applying for the award can pick one of the following social agendas, and propose an innovative social enterprise concept using 200-500 words. You can also submit your idea in a video format.

Agenda 1 : Aging Population

According to United Nation’s report, the number of people aged 65 and above in Asia is expected to grow from 206 million in 2000 to 857 million in 2050, which will then account for 18% of the total population. The problem may come rapid and even occur at the stage of early economic development. This is foreseen to pose a great challenge on the healthcare and social welfare system. However, at the same time, an increase in number of elderlies will also expand the seniors market, creating loads of business opportunities. These opportunities do not only refer to the traditional healthcare products, like walking stick or wheelchair, but also entertainment tailor-made for elderlies.

What innovative ideas can you come up with to cater the needs of the elderlies in a sustainable way?

Agenda 2 : Poverty

Although most Asian countries are making an effort to combat poverty, it still remains as a serious problem. Referencing World Bank’s statistics in 2010, near 700 million living with income under USD$1.25 a day. Besides extreme poor, other forms of poverty emerge, such as working poor in developed cities. They all encounter difficulties in making their ends meet, including but not limited to food, nutrition, education and housing. To make matter worse, poverty is usually generational. Poor parents cannot afford a sound environment with education to their offspring, which make them only capable of working in low-income position in the future, leading to a vicious circle.

What can we do to improve the lives of the underprivileged and enhance their quality of life in a sustainable and creative way?

Agenda 3 : Hidden Youth

The problem of hidden youth is particularly prominent in developed regions in Asia, namely, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It is foreseen that similar problem will also occur in other regions of Asia as the technology advances. On individual level, hidden youth usually have problems in fulfilling their social needs, which hence increase their chances of having mental illnesses. On society level, having hidden youth leads to a loss in productivity. Thus, we cannot let the situation persist. However, unlike other social issues, which can be easily identified, hidden youth are nearly impossible to spot; and even help is offered, they may be reluctant to accept.

How can you motivate the hidden youth to return back to society or help them to improve their living environment?

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