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7 Things Startups can learn from Google

Thomas Korte a former Googler who is now considered an expert in the world of startups and entrepreneurship speaks about lessons he learnt at Google. After Thomas left Google, he went on to found AngelPad, a startup accelerator based in San Francisco and New York. In this talk Thomas Korte talks about his background  and about how he arrived in the US as an illegal immigrant.

In 2014 AngelPad was named by MIT’s Accelerator Research as the No 3 accelerator in United States, and was listed by Forbes Magazine among the Top 5 Global Accelerator’s.

In this Talk Thomas Korte talks about the Things that Start-up can learn from Google, Some of them are :

  • Ask “Why Not” and not “Why” ?
  • No Opinions , Just Data.
  • There is no such thing as Over Communication.
  • Ask for Forgiveness, not for permission.
  • Give people a license to dream.
  • Think Money last and Users first

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