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7 New Crowdfunding Websites

Crowdfunding is a new type of fund raising in which an individual or company is able to raise funds from multiple investors for differing amounts. There are currently close to 1000 such platforms all over the world operating in different countries allowing entrepreneurs and creative professionals raise money for different purposes.

Companies have been able to raise millions of dollars through these platforms to build billion dollar software products. Crowdfunding has often been compared to a scaled down version of an IPO without the regulatory hurdles. This new avenue of funding has found favour with startups who had till date relied only on venture capitalists and private equity funds for investment.

Given below is a list of some newly launched crowd funding websites, do check them out. Before that I would suggest you go through our list of websites for raising donations through crowd funding. If you are in the United Kingdom do read our review of the top peer to peer lending firms in UK. Also go through our unique ways to raise funding article, to know about alternatives to crowdfunding.

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The UpEffect –

It is estimated that more than 60% of campaigns started on crowd funding websites fail to reach their fundraising goals. The UpEffect seeks to change that by performing due diligence to ensure only quality projects are approved. It then connects selected entrepreneurs to it’s internal community of experts who will help transform the idea into reality. The platform is targeted at social entrepreneurs looking to improve human lives across the planet.

PaidUp –

This app enables businesses to get funding directly from it’s own customers. The platform is being used by food outlets and restaurants. PaidUp benefits small businesses and helps secure investments from its regular customers rather than borrowing money from banks at high interest rates. This helps to grow the local economy and enhances your relationships with you loyal customers.


This crowd funding platform is shariah compliant making it easy for excluded communities to participate in crowdfunding. The firm allows you to invest in properties while earning a handsome return. Investors stand to gain a steady monthly income for the property that is rented.

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Allows retail investors to invest in early stage startups. You no longer need to be a VC to fund different companies. Take a look at the video below to know more about how the company does business.


This platform has been able to raise close £ 100 million for early stage businesses till date. Investing in such companies is risky and investors must exercise due caution while doing so. By investing along with venture capitalists you get the same class of shares and price as other investors. The minimum investment amount is £ 1000.

This organisation helps charities and NGO’s raise funds and grants through cloud based donor and project management support. Nominated for the Digital SME Awards 2017, you can modernise your non-profit with this all-in-one platform. With low fees NGO’s tend to save more money on online donations received here compared to other platforms. The company’s digital platform can also be used to automate common tasks saving time and money for the organisation.

Kiss Kiss Bank

No matter how funny their name sounds, they mean serious business and have channelled close to euro 72 million (Rs 55 Crore) to more than 27,000 creative projects. A platform for artists and creative professionals, the platform can be used by anyone to get funding from anywhere in the world. The company takes 5% of the funds raised as transaction processing fees. A project must reach it funding goal to be considered successful or else the project is withdrawn.

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