31 Hot Global Fintech Companies


World Remitwww.worldremit.com – Money Transfer App.

Backed by the same investors who funded Facebook, Netflix, Spotify and Slack. WorldRemit is changing the way people send and receive money online. This mobile app allows you to bypass agents who usually deduct a fee for providing money transfer services. Accessible in more than fifty countries, you can use it to transfer money to 125+ destinations.  The firm has till date raised closed to US$ 140 million (Rs 1000 Crore) in funding.

Kantoxwww.kantox.com – Currency Management.

This startup provides currency management solutions for international companies. Currently the solutions offered by banks and other intermediaries tend to be opaque, lack innovation and needs customization. The solution offered by Kantox provides a more transparent way for companies to hedge their  currency risks through spot and forward transactions. The company also offers other services such as Dynamic Hedging, Payments and Market orders.

Tricount – www.tricount.com – Group Expense Sharing App.

This app is ideal for group activities that involves travelling and sharing of expenses. Tricount can also be used by Tech professionals who share flats with room mates to ensure they can collectively make payments.  The app works offline and does not require any Internet. With this app installed on your mobile, you will never forget to pay off your debt.

Size Up – www.sizeup.com – Competitor Analysis Tool.

A business intelligence service, it helps businesses find out how they are performing by comparing them with the competition in any particular town. You can also do an analysis to find out if your chosen location is ideal for your business.

Trunomi – www.trunomi.com – Regulation Compliance.

Trunomi helps harness your customer data to gain insights while complying with customer protection regulations. Trunomi also helps companies to remain compliant of their KYC requirements.

OneFionefi.co – Online Loan company In Nigeria.

By using data and technology, OneFi wants to provide everyone in Nigeria access to easy finance. You can also apply for loans by using it’s Pay Later Mobile App. The App will intimate you of a decision on your loan application in a matter of minutes after which you can get the loan disbursed at any time.

Rubique www.rubique.com – Indian SME loan provider.

This company offers you a host of financial products from credit cards to education loans. The entire application process is digitised. The companies claims to have 100,000 clients and has tied up with more than 70 financial institutions.

Monetagomonetago.com – Block Chain for Financial Institutions.

Offers a tool set for financial institutions which makes it easy to integrate block-chains which are owned by the participating institutions. Many private banks are unsure on how to proceed on block-chain, MonetaGo makes it easy for such companies.

YoYo Walletwww.yoyowallet.com – Payments Wallet.

This digital wallet is for retailers who want to ensure their customers enjoy their shopping. It is Europe’s largest multi brand mobile payment app. You get rewarded every time you make a purchase and you can pay by just scanning a QR code.

The ICA www.the-ica.com – Regulatory Technology.

The Independent Calculation is a trading and risk platform. It provides an end to end solution that reduces costs for implementing big data technologies. It provides risk management as a service (RMAS) to the banking industry and is ideal for trading and credit management firms.

Sum Upsumup.com – SAAS Support For Banking.

With SumUp you can accept any networks banking card. It is compatible with MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, Diners Club and Android Pay. The device is useful at locations where connectivity with other payment options is an issue. SumUp can be used in coffee shops, lounges, markets and beach resorts. The company charges a flat fee of 2.75% on each transaction and there are no monthly costs involved. Payouts are done within 2 days of the transaction being recorded. The card reader is priced at US$ 69.

GoSnapCheckgosnapcheck.com – Digital checking platform

This mobile application can be used to sign checks digitally and can be sent instantly. You can use Snap Check to make secure digital payments without having to worry about fraud. Snap Check can be integrated into any third party payment gateways to send and receive digital checks.

Spendeskwww.spendesk.com – Control company spending.

The smart spending solution , it helps companies reign in how your bills are paid. Their app allows you to track how your employees are spending their money for enhancing the company’s business. It also prevents misuse of company funds and can deliver enormous savings to different companies. You can also set a daily budget to curb overspending with Spendesk.

Sonectsonect.net – Withdraw money from shops, competes with ATM’s.

This app allows you to withdraw cash wherever you go free of charge. Sonect helps to convert any retail shop into an ATM machine. It helps shop owners reduce the cash they have to manage. Based in Zurich you can now use the app at as many locations as possible in Europe. This solution is effective in places where ATM’s are hard to reach or the charges for withdrawal are very high.

Tokentoken.io – Payment API

Token provides an API with which you can access your clients information such as bank balance and transaction history. It is used by Fin-tech companies to integrate payments into their platforms. It can also be used to incorporate 1-Click checkout on e-commerce websites which makes it easy for shoppers to checkout.

mobile money logo

Money On Mobile – moneyonmobile.in – Indian Money Transfer App

This app allows you to send money via SMS. Billing itself as the largest mobile payment platform, MoneyOnMobile allows Indians to make secure financial transactions.The company is authorised by the Reserve Bank Of India to set up semi-closed payment process for purchase and sale of services.

Detech – www.detech.fi – Risk Compliance Software

This company offers a suite of software products which can be used for financial planning and risk management. It’s solutions are being used in banking, insurance and fund management. The company also offers predictive business analytics which can be used in the field of finance and mathematical modelling.

Starling Bankwww.starlingbank.com – New Age Bank

Starling Bank provides a mobile only bank account. To get one all you need to do is download the mobile app and apply for a new account. You can manage your money with the smart tools built into the app. You also stand a chance to get free insights on your spending. This mobile app supports integration with Apple Pay.

Finsight – finsight.com – Insights Into Deals

This New York based tech company provides deal insight into US Fixed income markets. This is a massive US$ 40 trillion market with the largest sub category being US Treasury debt. Through it’s mobile friendly interface you can get all the data required for your research while monitoring new issues of secondary market assets.

Utluna – www.utluna.com – Info on portfolio’s of Wealth Mangers

With Utluna you can micro-analyse the wealth portfolio’s of different institutions. This allows individuals and professionals to compare this information with their own portfolio’s. You can then copy strategies deployed by other institutions to improve your profits. Utluna provides data about trade in multiple currencies. It also allows users to glance at the long and short positions taken by banks and brokers.

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Moven Enterprisemovenenterprise.com – All In One Banking App.

An engagement platform built for banks, Moven helps in customer acquisition, engagement and growth. Built to incorporate the latest research findings of Behavioural Finance, Moven helps you save money in a fun and rewarding manner. The company has close to 1.4 million customers in six countries. About 76% of it’s customers are millennials.

Neuroprofilerwww.neuroprofiler.com – Client Risk Profiler

One more startup based on behavioural finance, this company uses games to profile customers. Companies can profile clients by sending them a link to an online game which will profile your customer and then connect him to the right financial adviser.

PayPlugpayplug.com – A Payment Solution For SME’s.

You can increase the sales of your company by using their payment solution. signing up is free and you don’t need a merchant account. The company claims that it has boosted conversions thanks to it’s user friendly checkout interface. Payplug has been gaining traction since the last few months and is now seeing a large number of signups.

Just Pomjustpom.it – Invoice Management App

With Just Pom you manage all your invoices with a single mobile app. When you get an invoice in your email all you need to do is forward it to your mobile app and then with a single click of the button you can make payments. You can also set up notifications to receive updates about unpaid invoices and due dates.

Qumram www.qumram.com -Regulatory Tech Startup

Qumram helps engage your customers in the channel of their choice, it could be web, mobile or social. Digital messaging is highly regulated and raises compliance risks for companies, this startup manege’s it for you. It also offers a digital marketing suite and is being used by companies like UBS and Gartner.

Scanovate scanovate.com – Imaging Solutions On Your Mobile Phone

The company harnesses image processing and machine learning infrastructure to deliver an imaging platform that is better than those offered by its’s peers. You can then combine it with any business application based on your requirements. It can also be used to settle mobile claims and payments.

On Fidoonfido.com  – Id & Document Verification built in with background checks.

On Fido can be used to run confidential background checks using several identity and document verification solutions. Useful for recruiters and financial services companies, it is currently being used by Crowd-cube, Just Giving, Smart Recruiters and a host of other companies.

Seqvoiawww.seqvoia.com – Back Office solutions for Asset Fund Managers.

This fund software helps you produce investor information documents as mandated by regulators. Even fund prospectuses can be produced using this single mutual fund management software. Their software helps make processes more efficient and cost effective. You can contact them for a free demo if you want to find out more about their diverse offerings.

SESAmn – www.sesamm.com – News & Social Media Analysis.

This startup extracts information from new data sources using powerful algorithms. The company analyses billions of news articles, Tweets, Facebook postings and forum posts to accurately predict the movement of financial markets. Another interesting feature of this app is that it uses natural language processing to analyse text for emotions which can shed further light on sentiments.

simplex.com – Fight Fraud With Algorithms

Simplex gives companies and online businesses a way to accept payments without having to worry about fraud. The company uses AI and machine learning to analyse payments and data before the transaction is approved.

Auka – www.auka.io

This startup launched it’s services in February 2014 and helps banks connect with merchants and consumers. It has managed to partner more than 20 banks and 10,000 merchants. The platform is currently able to connect close to 1 million consumers to various financial services offered by banks.  The traditional business of large banks is being disrupted by next generation banks. Auka’s solutions help legacy banks fight the onslaught by offering new channels and new services for customer retention.

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