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3 Services For Customer Acquisition & Management

A company’s employees and loyal customers are among it’s most valuable assets. They are an important factor in ensuring business success. Building a billion dollar business is easy in the age of venture capital funding, but ensuring complete customer satisfaction takes time. Paying attention to your customers needs and solving their problems can ensure that they stay loyal to you.

Due to increased competition it has become difficult to retain customers who are often enticed by rivals with competitive offerings. Technology has however made it easy to ensure your customers are kept at the centre of your business. Take a look at these three tools for managing business clients below:

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Selected as the top 50 startups at Unbound London 2017, Slide Piper is a SAAS platform which helps on-board customers through web-portals. The powerful platform comes with it’s own engine. You can build web-portals using through which customers can be made to go through the enrolment process. The platform also provides analytics for tracking of location, device and performance which makes customisation possible. The platform is currently being used by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Barclays, TechStars and Meeco.


Process any data set to make better decisions with this intuitive platform. All decisions made by humans is to some extent are influenced by our personalities. DataSine which was created in 2015, uses psychometrics and applies it to the financial world. The company was named among the ten hottest startups in the world for 2017 and it’s products are being used by BNP Paribas and Hello Bank.


An on-boarding automation software it is being used extensively in financial services. You can transform the experience of how customers sign up for your services. Some of the benefits of their digital on-boarding solution is it eliminates 95% of processing errors and processing issues. The solution can be used across different verticals for Payments, Wealth Management, Insurance and Real Estate Agreements.

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