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20th Annual Boulder Microfinance Training – Register now!

The 20th Annual Boulder MFT in English will take place in Turin, Italy from July 7th to July 25th, 2014.Click here to visit our French site.

Boulder Microfinance Training 2014

Registration for the 2014 program is now open. Click here to register.

Registration Deadline:  June 2nd, 2014

Program Tuition:  USD $4,500 (Non-Refundable Registration Fee of USD $500 and Course Fee of USD $4,000). This includes all sessions, course materials, coffee breaks, welcoming cocktail and closing gala dinner.

bould microfinance 2014 We encourage you to register and save your space as early as possible, as registration will close as soon as the program is full. If you need an entry visa to Italy, consider registering 45 days prior to the event to process it.

The Boulder Institute of Microfinance, led by our President and Founder Robert Christen, is reaching 20 years of uninterrupted unique executive training. We bring together more than 60 faculty from our renowned network of international experts to offer the three week Boulder Microfinance Training (MFT) program, both in English and French.

The Program includes intense class work, as well as strategic analysis and critical thinking on microfinance and financial inclusion for all. New tools and best practices are offered, thereby enabling our participants to partake in innovative strategies, integrate them into their own organizations, and work towards providing better products and services to those most in need.

The MFT offers three concentration certificates:

  • ManagementPolicy, and Development, tailored to professionals serving in MFIs,
  • Government and Regulatory, and 
  • Development Institutions.

With over 60 elective courses to choose from, participants can create their own training experience based on their organization’s needs, their role in the institution, the needs for growth and control, and their specific professional profile.

In addition, throughout the three weeks, all participants are required to attend“The Boulder Morning Seminar: New Financial Inclusion Paradigms” a daily, dynamic roundtable event lead by Robert Christen along with 20 world renowned experts in microfinance to discuss and debate the strategic aspects of the industry, such as the development of financial systems, the role of government, understanding responsible finance, financial sustainability, emerging issues in the industry, and differentiating fad from facts. We will challenge participants to think outside of the box and empower them to create new venues, as well as to dare to innovate, supported by a strong know-how of basics tools.

The Boulder MFT program will provide participants with this unique technical immersion experience focused on the microfinance industry and the creation of a community that will have an enduring influence for years to come. By choosing to join this exclusive group of participants and faculty from around the globe, you are able to be a part of the Boulder learning environment, which offers an unparalleled diversity of perspectives and experiences that are critical to the industry, developing and furthering institutions and the careers of microfinance leaders for today and beyond.

We invite you to join our growing Boulder Alumni Network with over 4,700 professionals from 151 countries that will serve as a life-long strategic network of friends and colleagues who share a common passion for furthering and advancing microfinance.

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