2000 Microfinance Institutions now report data on MIX Market

MIX announced yesterday that the MIX Market crossed the 2,000 MFI’s mark, making MIX Market the largest database of microfinance information on the Internet. MIX  currently features data given by MFI’s from 110 countries which represent more than 92 million micro loan borrowers.

Of those MFI’s that have reported to MIX, more than 440 MFI’s have also submitted their social performance information, which is now displayed directly along side their financial information on each MFI’s profile page.

microfinance market data

MIX Microfinance Company Information

The MIX Market website is currently averaging more than 75,000 visits per month and also features more than 300 profiles with interim data in addition to annual performance information. The information provided by MIX Market helps microfinance practitioners evaluate the industry and predict future trends.

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