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10 Upcoming Female Social Entrepreneurs of India – News Digest

The 10 Upcoming Female Social Entrepreneurs of India
With social entrepreneurship exploding in popularity all over the world, it becomes hard to identify true future leaders. Here we identify 10 of the upcoming female social entrepreneurs we’re watching. Read more here

Top 5 Tips For Social Entrepreneurs
We spoke to Sara about entrepreneurs’ responsibility for tackling social issues; about the current trendiness of social enterprise; and her top five tips for would-be social entrepreneurs. Read more

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Forbes List of 30 Under 30: Social Entrepreneurs Read more

Many social enterprises are critically ill
Social enterprises and charities have become politically untouchable. But is their governance good enough? Read more

Social entrepreneurship is a tough one to teach
The marriage between social entrepreneurship and education continues to face challenges of differing perspectives and agendas. Read more here

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