Open A Bank Account By Video Chatting

Across the globe, video authentication is being used by digital banks to approve new customers who sign up for their financial services. Banks in India, UK and United States still require a physical face to face meeting. This is not only inconvenient but is fast turning into an outdated form of customer verification. In fact some archaic … Continue reading “Open A Bank Account By Video Chatting”

Earn Higher Interest On Your Fixed Deposits – Up To 4 Percent

Did you know British citizens have invested more than £ 145 billion (Approximately Rs 12 Lakh Crore)  in fixed deposits that earns them a partly interest income of 0.55% per year. That’s right, the major international banks like HSBC, Royal Bank Of Scotland, Santander and Barclays pay their customers in UK 0.5% interest on their fixed … Continue reading “Earn Higher Interest On Your Fixed Deposits – Up To 4 Percent”

Build Custom Mobile Applications Without Coding

There are many companies that currently allow you to build a web or mobile application without any coding. One such service that continues to gain traction in the corporate world comes from the stable of Caspio. Caspio was founded way back in 2000 and has since then built up an enviable user base. As of today … Continue reading “Build Custom Mobile Applications Without Coding”

Business Meet For South Indian Entrepreneurs Held At UK Parliament

UK Tamil Nadu and Puducherry Business Meet was organized by the UK Tamil Nadu Chamber Of Commerce (UKTNCC) at the House Of Commons. UKTNCC, a social enterprise founded in 2012 that supports entrepreneurs from South India held its 17th business meet at the House of Commons today. The organization offers a host of advisory services and … Continue reading “Business Meet For South Indian Entrepreneurs Held At UK Parliament”

4 Stalls To See At London FinTech Week

London has over the last few years emerged as the Fin-tech capital of the world trumping Silicon Valley by miles. The city already accounts for a major share of the currency, derivative and commodities trading volume taking place globally. It is estimated that on any given day financial contracts running into more than 1 trillion … Continue reading “4 Stalls To See At London FinTech Week”

10 Lessons I Learned From My Startup

The micro-finance sector in India over the last decade has witnessed a roller coaster ride that would rival any Bollywood potboiler. As an investor who invested in the sector, I got a ringside view of the euphoria, suspense and drama that accompanied the creation of untold riches in the Rs 50,000 Crore microfinance sector. The sector has … Continue reading “10 Lessons I Learned From My Startup”

Sales For Startups

Citrus Pay hosted an event called Sales For Startups at the 10,000 Startup Warehouse on the 7th January 2017. App Acchi founder Pradeep began the session by delivering a talk on how startups should pitch their products and services to potential clients. He further elaborated that customers are some times confused and are often looking to service … Continue reading “Sales For Startups”