Most Innovative Finance Companies

Large established financial institutions are revisiting their tried and tested models in a bid to scare of fin-tech startups from encroaching on their turfs. While most of the new Fintech companies will not survive beyond their first three years, a few will eventually replace today’s leading financial firms. There are many fin-tech companies that have been … Continue reading “Most Innovative Finance Companies”

EIT Digital Opens London Hub

The European Institute Of Innovation and Technology’s new UK premises was inaugurated by the deputy mayor of London, Mr Rajesh Agrawal on 12th June 2017. Located on Leeke Street, the center is close to the regional business hub of Kings Cross in London. EIT’s stated mission is to enhance digital innovation in Europe which would lead to … Continue reading “EIT Digital Opens London Hub”

Most Innovative UK Startups

Pinset Maisons, one of UK’s most innovative law firms released a report on Fintech at the London Fintech Week organized last month. The report highlighted their extensive work with fintech startups in London. Given below are four companies chosen from their portfolio of clients who are doing ground breaking work at the intersection of finance and … Continue reading “Most Innovative UK Startups”

Sales Management Software

Trakti is a cloud based contract negotiation platform that helps reduce costs for customers. The Peer To Peer contract management platform helps to support the entire life cycle of a negotiation. Winner of the 2016 Italian Fintech Award, Trakti was incubated at startup bootcamp’s fintech accelerator program in London. The company rolled out it’s beta … Continue reading “Sales Management Software”

11 Amazing FinTech Facts

FinTech is an abbreviation for Financial Technology. It is often used to describe an innovative use of technology in the design and delivery of financial products. FinTech is being used by banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions to deliver new services to users in a cost effective manner. It is one of the fastest … Continue reading “11 Amazing FinTech Facts”

InsurTech Startups In India

A recent survey conducted among CEO’s of insurance companies across the world revealed that almost 90% of them fear that will be losing out on a large segment of their business to InsurTech startups who are more nimble and tech savvy. The giants of Insurance still rely on paperwork and work using legacy software which … Continue reading “InsurTech Startups In India”

Financial Risk Forecasting With AlgoDynamix

Financial risk forecasting analytics can provide several hours or even days of advance warning of any major directional market movement. This is done by analyzing data generated by market participants on various exchanges around the world. Once you are able to identify a potential anomaly you can then exploit these market shifts to profit from them. … Continue reading “Financial Risk Forecasting With AlgoDynamix”