7 Fintech Incubation Hubs In Europe

Starting a new organization is very easy. Governments across the world have simplified the time it takes to incorporate a company. In some countries you can even establish a company in a few minutes! The real challenge for founders of new companies lies in ensuring their company makes a profit and survives in the face … Continue reading “7 Fintech Incubation Hubs In Europe”

Check Out These New Digital Banks

Recently conducted surveys of the European banking sector have revealed that large retail banks have only digitised 30-40% of their processes. Another glaring statistic that stood out in this survey was the fact that most European banks allocate less than 0.5% of their total expenditure on digitisation. Sniffing an opportunity to overtake these laggards, many … Continue reading “Check Out These New Digital Banks”

Digital Identites For Consumers

In this article we will examine what are the new types of digital ids being adopted across the globe and how it will affect consumers. What Is A Digital ID ? A digital id is virtual version of identification proof that can be used online. Just like how your driving license and passport are a … Continue reading “Digital Identites For Consumers”

Integrated Online Salary Management Systems

There are many HRM software providers in India, they are based in the cloud which means you are not required to download any software to install on your office computers. Cloud based HRM software is easy to backup and there is no fear of losing your employee data. This is the trend in payroll management … Continue reading “Integrated Online Salary Management Systems”

Next Generation Banking Startups

Banking giants of Europe can no longer work in the business as usual mode. A new generation of smart banks are readying their war chests and honing their AI’s to usher in a financial revolution. Many of these banks neither have a physical branch or an ATM network; they exist only in the digital realm … Continue reading “Next Generation Banking Startups”

5 Awesome Startups At TechHub London

Campus London, a startup community recently celebrated its fifth anniversary in June 2017. To commemorate the occasion, five startups experiencing high traction incubated at Tech Hub in London demoed their products. Tech Hub is a global community that helps create an environment that nurtures entrepreneurs. It does this by offering co-working spaces, organizing workshops, events and … Continue reading “5 Awesome Startups At TechHub London”

40,000 Visitors Attend London Tech Week

London Tech Week was organised between 12-16th June 2017 across multiple venues in the United Kingdom. The aim of the week long festival was to showcase London’s tech credentials to the world. The city currently ranks among the top five startup hubs in the world. Entrepreneurs and tech professionals from Europe and Asia marked their presence … Continue reading “40,000 Visitors Attend London Tech Week”