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FinTech Poses Big Question For Finance Professionals

It was only a matter of time. Big data, cloud security and reliable informatics are making dramatic impacts in the financial services sector. The news that Microsoft is weighing into the fintech development industry is a sign of the scale of the commercial and technological weight behind that innovative wave. Microsoft have been actively encouraging […]

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Geek Trust – Curated Jobs For Freelance Developers

Imagine thousands of developers being able to work on their dream projects. Now, imagine these scattered developers from different cities in India coming together to build world class services and products for a global audience. This is the vision of Geek Trust, a Bangalore based company that is in the process of finding talented developers and connecting them with […]


4 Indian Tech Companies To Watch Out For 2017

The first edition of the Technology Issue summit was held at the Shangri La Hotel in Bangalore. The event organized by Onion Fans, Technology Issue, XPRESSN and and Cyber Carrier saw VC funds from China interact with their Indian counterparts. The highlight of the event will be the Demo Day to be held tomorrow which […]


Boom Time for EduTech Startups in India

India’s public education infrastructure is crumbling unable to cope with the rising demands of the millennial population. Many education startups have cropped up over the past few years who are trying to address issues facing the sector. EduTech Startups in India have managed to raise more than US$ 200 million from Investors over the last […]


SaaS and Cloud Software for Indian Startups

Indian Startups have slowly woken up to the opportunity that Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) represents. In the last decade SaaS software has found large scale adaptation among small businesses. This has led to the creation of behemoths like and, that today drive the infrastructure of startups in Europe and the United States. took more […]

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Startup Incubators in Bangalore, India

Bangalore is the startup capital of India. Period. All you entrepreneurs in Gurgaon and Hyderabad can eat your heart out but none of you can afford to wear this crown. In the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking collated by a research firm, Bangalore is the top Indian city for startups and is globally ranked at the […]

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6 Startup Ideas for 2-5 Lakhs

Becoming an Entrepreneur is the best decision anyone could have taken for their career. There used to be a time when government employees were considered the most eligible bachelors by parents of prospective bridegrooms because they had job security. That was a time when the Indian economy was a socialist economy and jobs were scarce. […]

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Purple Hide – Design Your Shoes Online !

Buying designer shoes online in India is passe, now you can choose to design and build your own custom high heels all on the Internet! The folks behind this innovation are Purple Hide, an emerging e-commerce fashion hub for custom built shoes. We caught up with them for a free-wheeling chat this week, excerpts follow […]

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How to Get a .com domain for Rs 99 only!

Many of our website readers who want to start their own blog under, have asked us if is is possible to get a completely free .com domain without having to pay money or giving your credit card details. Some readers also contacted us regarding advertisements they had seen online, given by Survey websites who […]