4 European Data Analytics Startups

In the modern world, data is being generated all the time. This data could vary from photos uploaded to your social network to company results announced on the stock exchange. When all this data is analysed we get projections about future trends. Thus data analysis can help companies in forecasting and decision making. Data analysis … Continue reading “4 European Data Analytics Startups”

Digital Receipts Startup Insights

Imagine how much paper is wasted everyday in the form of billing receipts, invoices, pamphlets generated at shopping malls, ATM’s, metro stations, buses and countless other locations. Not only does it have a detrimental effect on the environment in the form of deforestation, a large number of receipts generated are toxic. For instance receipts generated … Continue reading “Digital Receipts Startup Insights”

7 Artificial Intelligence Startups

Everyday we hear about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning in different contexts. Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk fear that it will doom the human race. Notably, the Russian President Mr Vladimir Putin was recently quoted telling students that whoever masters AI will rule the world. When ordinary people hear about A.I their thoughts immediately venture … Continue reading “7 Artificial Intelligence Startups”

11 Epic Startups From Luxembourg

Now that we have showcased business incubators in central Europe, we will profile some startups based in Luxembourg. These startups have been chosen based on the market potential, novelty and differentiation of their products from other startups. Some of them are based on artificial intelligence and data analytics, while others are hardware startups. These companies products … Continue reading “11 Epic Startups From Luxembourg”

9 Startup Incubators In Luxembourg

The whole country of Luxembourg measures 2,590 km² which makes it a little larger than Bangalore Urban District which measures in at 2,190 km². However size is not a deterrent for ambition and Luxembourg can today claim to hold the distinction of being the second largest investment fund centre in the world. Funds registered in Luxembourg … Continue reading “9 Startup Incubators In Luxembourg”

Successful Startups At EIT Digital

We recently wrote about the opening of EIT’s digital hub in London. At the event we got to interact with the founders of numerous startups that have successfully graduated from their accelerator and scaled up to become profitable businesses. You too can join their accelerator by applying for the EIT Digital Challenge this year. Seven such … Continue reading “Successful Startups At EIT Digital”

7 Fintech Incubation Hubs In Europe

Starting a new organization is very easy. Governments across the world have simplified the time it takes to incorporate a company. In some countries you can even establish a company in a few minutes! The real challenge for founders of new companies lies in ensuring their company makes a profit and survives in the face … Continue reading “7 Fintech Incubation Hubs In Europe”