5 Quick Money Transfer Services

Transferring money has never been easy, all it takes is a click of a button and beneficiaries can get the amount within minutes. However remitting money from abroad faces many hurdles in the form of regulations put in place to prevent money laundering. These regulations while beneficial, slow down the money transfer process. Until some … Continue reading “5 Quick Money Transfer Services”

Citrus Pay – The Complete Guide

Citrus Pay is one of the largest payment gateway providers in the world. As of January 2017, it had more than 9000+ satisfied small businesses across Europe, North America and Asia. It also has a mobile wallet for making digital payments which boasts of 20 million+ customers. During 2016, Citrus Pay processed more than US$ 3 … Continue reading “Citrus Pay – The Complete Guide”

Best Money Transfer Service To India

The Prime Minister of India announced his demonetization scheme which involves banning existing notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes on November 8th 2016. This move is expected to help catch Black Money Hoarders, Hawala Dealers, Corrupt Officials and Politicians. The decision was announced soon after ICD (Income Declaration Scheme for Undisclosed Income) 2016 scheme announced by Income Tax department came to … Continue reading “Best Money Transfer Service To India”

Top Payment Gateways In India – 2017 List

A payment gateway is an online service provided by software companies in collaboration with financial service providers like Visa and Master Card that enables a website to accept electronic payments. In India payment gateways are offered by private banks like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank and Yes Bank, along with international players like Paypal. A payment … Continue reading “Top Payment Gateways In India – 2017 List”

How To Open Paypal Account With Debit Card in India

All freelancers who work online in India for foreign clients and companies need to receive payments for the work they complete. PayPal is an international service available in more than 200 countries that helps you receive money online and transfers it to your bank account. Many analysts have speculated about how many PayPal users are … Continue reading “How To Open Paypal Account With Debit Card in India”

The Best Paypal Alternative For India

Paypal is the global leader in online digital payments and almost all freelancers in India have an account with it. A Paypal account however has some usage limitations. It cannot be used to send and receive domestic payments because of RBI’s restrictions. With the growth of E-commerce in India, many payment gateways and mobile wallets … Continue reading “The Best Paypal Alternative For India”