5 Quick Money Transfer Services

Transferring money has never been easy, all it takes is a click of a button and beneficiaries can get the amount within minutes. However remitting money from abroad faces many hurdles in the form of regulations put in place to prevent money laundering. These regulations while beneficial, slow down the money transfer process. Until some … Continue reading “5 Quick Money Transfer Services”

Peer To Peer Lending in United Kingdom

The top three peer to peer lending platforms in the UK have lent close to £ 3 billion in 2016. Since 2010, P2P lending firms have collectively channeled more than £ 7.3 billion to individuals and businesses across the UK. The biggest P2P lending firm in the UK is currently Zopa which has lent close to £ … Continue reading “Peer To Peer Lending in United Kingdom”

Funding Circle Review

Funding Circle has emerged as one of the largest FinTech Unicorn companies in the world. The company was valued at US$ 1 billion in 2015 but has seen it’s value erode since then. It is the peer to peer lending platform of choice for small businesses in the United Kingdom. Since it began operations the … Continue reading “Funding Circle Review”

Best Crowdfunding Websites for Debt, Equity and Donations

Globally US$ 16 billion was raised through crowdfunding websites in 2014. This touched US$ 34 billion in 2015. The volume of funds raised via crowdfunding in 2017 is expected to be higher than private equity (PE) investments. By 2025, a World Bank Report has estimated that global investment through crowdfunding could touch the figure of US$ 93 … Continue reading “Best Crowdfunding Websites for Debt, Equity and Donations”

Get An Online Business Loan From UK and Europe

Are you planning to start a new business or expand your existing one? Then you might be thinking about submitting an application for a business loan because expansions require a great deal of finance to invest in infrastructure. Before you rush to your nearest bank, I would suggest you read through this article. It will save you … Continue reading “Get An Online Business Loan From UK and Europe”

Is It Worth Investing In Identity Theft Protection?

As per UROPOL (Europe Union Police), an unprecedented cyber-attack called Wannacry ransomware hit thousands of computer systems across 150 countries a couple of weeks ago. With cyber-attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated and dangerous, individuals have become exposed to a higher risk of identity theft. In the US alone, more than 1.5 Crore individuals become the victims of identity … Continue reading “Is It Worth Investing In Identity Theft Protection?”