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Two Decades of SHG-Bank Linkage Program

By Dr Amrit Patel Microfinance [MF] broadly envisions a world in which low-income, poor and the poorest households have permanent and reliable access to a range of better quality financial services at affordable price to finance their income generating activities, build assets, smoothen consumption and protect against risks. A harsh aspect of poverty is that […]

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SHG and Obama – What a great combination!

By Srinivasan Santhanam All those associated with the micro-finance movement, both in India and world wide,  know pretty well the expansion of the term ‘SHG’. It stands for ‘Self-Help Group’.  On 23 Jan 2013, while reading a news item in the ‘Firstpost’ on the first ever presidential inaugural ball organised by Indian Americans to welcome Barack […]

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Over 95% SHG loan accounts regular as of 31st March, 2011

The agency-wise progress under SHG-Bank Linkage Programme as on 31 March 2011 is as under : Amount in Rs. Lakhs Sl. No. Name of the Agency Total outstanding Bank Loans  to SHG Average loan outstanding per SHG No.ofSHG’s Loans outstanding 1 Coml. Bank 3053472 2188325.67 0.71 2 RRBs 451798 190785.65 0.42 3 Coop. Bank 1281493 743005.23 0.57   Total […]

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Analysis of SHG Bank Linkage Programme in Andhra Pradesh 2011

By Deepti Kc, Amulya Champatiray, Researchers, IFMR-CMF The Andhra Pradesh government while promulgating the MFI Ordinance also stated that it has a mandate to disburse INR 100,000 crores bank loans to SHG women members by 2014 to bring 10 million families out of poverty indicating government’s strong belief in serving the needs of the poor through Self […]

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Women in Maoist hit Orissa turn to SHG’s

To escape the red shadow of Maoist ultras in Orissa, women of Maoist affected districts have joined self-help groups to become independent and improve their living conditions. Many of these women are engaged in farming and other activities and with their tireless efforts, they are trying to bring about soci0-economic changes. An atmosphere of fear and […]

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Which way will SHG Vote swing in Tamil Nadu Elections ?

By Rajan Alexander In 1994, Chandra Babu Naidu of the Telegu Desam was quick to grasp the huge potential of SHGs to swing tightly fought electoral contests. He then supported the anti-arrack (local liquor) agitation that was spearheaded by Self-Help Group (SHG)s and rode the accompanying wave that catapulted him as Chief Minister of the […]