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RBI Group to examine issues related to NBFC Sector

The Reserve Bank of India has announced that it has constituted a Working Group under the Chairmanship of Smt. Usha Thorat, Director, Centre for Advanced Financial Research and Learning (CAFRAL) to examine a range of emerging issues pertaining to regulation of the NBFC (non-banking financial companies) sector. Last week, the RBI had rejected the demand […]

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RBI invites comments on Malegam Committee report on Microfinance Institutions

The Reserve Bank of India has invited views/comments of all stakeholders and the public at large on the Malegam Committee report on microfinance institutions (MFIs). Comments/suggestions/views may be forwarded to the Chief General Manager-in-Charge, Rural Planning and Credit Department, Reserve Bank of India, Central Office Building, 10th floor, S.B.S. Road, Mumbai-400001 or emailed latest by […]

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Reserve Bank of India releases Second Financial Stability Report

India’s Financial Sector remained Stress-free; But Risks arising from Macro-Economic Soft Spots and Global Growth Asymmetries remain The Reserve Bank of India presented its assessment of the health of India’s financial sector in the second Financial Stability Report (FSR), released here today. The report reflects the Reserve Bank’s continuing endeavour to communicate its assessment of the […]

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Reserve Bank of India releases RBI Monthly Bulletin for December 2010

The December issue of the Bulletin contains five special articles: Quarterly Industrial Outlook Survey: July-September 2010 – (51st Round) , Inflation Expectations Survey of Households – September 2010 – (21st Round), Report of the Working Group on Balance of Payments Manual for India, Central Government Finances: April-September 2010, India’s Foreign Trade: April-September 2010. Highlights of special […]

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RBI cautions Public about Unauthorised NBFC’s collecting Deposits

The Reserve Bank of India has yesterday cautioned members of public about unauthorised companies which collect money from public stating that they have been authorised by the Reserve Bank to do so. The Reserve Bank stated that it has published on its website ( a list of non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) which are permitted to […]

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Reserve Bank of India Launches Business Outlook Survey

The Reserve Bank of India had set up a Working Group on Surveys (Chairman: Shri Deepak Mohanty, Executive Director) that recommended the introduction of a series of surveys to provide quick and forward looking inputs for monetary policy. The Business Outlook Survey for Trading Sector is one such survey that is expected to asses the […]

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RBI Monthly Bulletin for November 2010 released

The Reserve Bank of India today released its Monthly Bulletin for November 2010which can be downloaded from the RBI’s website at the link below Monthly RBI Bulletin for November 2010. The November issue of the Bulletin carries two special articles: Finances of Non-Government Non-Financial Private Ltd. Companies: 2008-09 and Review of South-West Monsoon 2010. The […]

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RBI Sub-Committee will study Issues and Concerns in MFI Sector

The Reserve Bank of India has said the sub-committee constituted by it will look into the concerns expressed in the media about high interest rates, coercive recovery processes and multiple lending practised by some microfinance institutions. In order to study these and other related issues and implications for its policies and given the useful role […]

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RBI releases paper on issues in Future Monetary Management

The Reserve Bank of India yesterday released a Staff Study titled “Central Bank Balance Sheets Amidst Recent Global Crisis: Issues in Future Monetary Management,” by Shri S. M. Lokare from Department of Economic Policy and Research. The recent global financial crisis triggered a spate of policy responses that were unparalleled in terms of their alacrity, […]

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RBI releases monthly bulletin for October 2010

The Reserve Bank of India Bulletin has issued it’s monthly by the Department of Economic Policy and Research. The October issue includes recent speeches by management, articles on topical issues, various press releases, a list of regulatory and other measures, and foreign exchange developments. It also includes detailed statistics and list of publications. The Reserve […]

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RBI releases winter issue of its Occasional Papers

The Reserve Bank of India yesterday released the Winter 2009 issue of the Reserve Bank of India Occasional Papers. Occasional Papers is a research journal of the Reserve Bank and contains contributions of its staff and reflects the views of the authors. These issues are woven around some important themes which are in the forefront of policy discussions. […]

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RBI releases Discussion Paper on Entry of New Banks in the Private Sector

The Reserve Bank of India released on its website yesterday, the Discussion Paper on “Entry of New Banks in the Private Sector”. Download the discussion paper at the link below RBI Discussion Paper on Banking Licenses for NBFC’s- 81 Pages -350KB The paper seeks views/comments of banks, non-banking financial institutions, industrial houses, other institutions and […]

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RBI issues Discussion Paper on engagement of 'for-profit' Companies as BC's

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is looking at the possibility of appointing corporates and non banking finance companies (NBFCs) as business correspondents,in a move aimed at promoting financial inclusion.Until now only non profit organisations and ngo’s were allowed to become business correspondents. To further discuss this issue the Reserve Bank of India has released, […]


Financial Regulation and Financial Inclusion – Speech by Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India

The below Speech delivered by Smt. Usha Thorat, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India at the Tenth Annual International Seminar on Policy Challenges for the Financial Sector co-hosted by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank at Washington, June 2-4, 2010. It provides a valuable […]

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Articles on recent changes in RBI finance policy

Anil Padmanabhan in Mint on the big picture. Ajay Shah in the Financial Express – Central Banking, not Central Planning An editorial in Business World, and Tamal Bandyopadhyay in Mint, on the PLR controversy. An editorial in Financial Express, and a blog post by Bagdu, on freedom to open branches

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NBFC – Frequently Asked Questions – RBI

Non Banking Finance Companies(NBFC) have emerged as the most preferred vehicle for MFI’s in India and most of the MFI’s intend to convert into a NBFC in the coming years.To better understand what NBFC’s are we are posting the FAQ’s about NBFC’s from the RBI Website The information given in the FAQ is of general nature […]