10 Exceptional InsurTech Startups

The insurance industry has not changed much in the last hundred years. In the last five years, we have seen a number of startups rolling out products to disrupt the market. InsurTech is a term broadly used to refer to any digital innovation or technology which is targeted at buyers of insurance. The goal of … Continue reading “10 Exceptional InsurTech Startups”

4 Things To Know About Health Insurance

Health insurance does come with many advantages, and one of the major benefits is the tax exemption. There are other important things to know about health insurance or mediclaim in India are given below. Resort during medical emergencies– With increasing medical issues and healthcare costs, it becomes difficult to have all expenses met. Health insurance … Continue reading “4 Things To Know About Health Insurance”

How critical is home insurance?

You just moved into your new dream home. You spared no expense in constructing it (or buying it), you decorated it and did the interiors, bragged about it to all and sundry and threw the mother of all house warming bashes ever. You have made friends with neighbours, invited your relatives, and posted pictures of … Continue reading “How critical is home insurance?”

Online Travel Insurance Companies in India – 2015 Reviews

So are you planning to travel to the United States, Australia or Germany this year ? Most Indians while planning a tour abroad do not intend to purchase any travel insurance, only when it is made compulsory by the Visa issuing authorities, do we purchase it. Travel insurance is compulsory for students going abroad for higher … Continue reading “Online Travel Insurance Companies in India – 2015 Reviews”

Microinsurance – A slow onset revolution?

By Dirk Reinhard , Vice Chairman, Munich Re Foundation and Member of the Executive Committee of the Microinsurance Network The Microinsurance Network will soon become a teenager. After nearly a decade of work, we can be proud of what this group has achieved. It has facilitated the creation of organizations such as the ILO’s Microinsurance Innovation … Continue reading “Microinsurance – A slow onset revolution?”

7th International Microinsurance Conference – Nov 2011, Brazil

Event will gather over 400 experts and worldwide delegates to push issues forward. Approximately 135 million people in developing countries already use microinsurance as a means of managing risk for the poorer social classes, according to a Lloyd’s of London report, and this number is only going to grow. In Brazil, the situation is no … Continue reading “7th International Microinsurance Conference – Nov 2011, Brazil”

2012 Research Conference on Microinsurance – Netherlands

The Institute for Innovation and Governance at the University of Twente will be organizing a global research conference on Microfinance on 11,12 and 13 April 2012 in Enschede, the Netherlands. The Microinsurance conference will be supported by : Institute for Governance Studies (IGS), The African Studies Centre (ASC), The Microinsurance Network (MIN), The Center for … Continue reading “2012 Research Conference on Microinsurance – Netherlands”