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bharat report

Bharat Microfinance Report 2016 -2017 Released

Sa-Dhan, India’s premier body of development finance institutions has released it’s latest report on the status of microfinance in India for the FY2015-16. The report titled the Bharat Microfinance Report provides the latest data and statistics about the micro-finance sector in India. The much anticipated report serves as a barometer of the sector for Indian […]

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Inclusive Finance India Report 2015 – 2016

The Microfinance India, state of the sector report which has been in publication since the last eight years has now re-branded itself as the Inclusive Finance India Report.The 2015 edition’s editor is Professor M.S Sriram who leads the Centre for Public Policy at the IIM, Bangalore. This report is a must read for those looking to […]

bharat cover 2015

Bharat Microfinance 2015-16 Report released

Bharat Microfinance Report with the latest data on Indian MFI’s and SHG’s released The report was released at the Lalit Ashok in Delhi by Sa-Dhan (The Association of Community Development and Microfinance Institutions) on the eight of October 2015. The 2015 report provides the most up-to-date information about operational analytics on microfinance companies (MFI’s) and […]


Human Resource Management Practices among MFI’s in India

Access Development services has released a report on the state of Human Resource practices in India’s Microfinance sector after studying the policies and practices of 25 Microfinance companies in India’s. The report is titled ” Report on Human Resource Management in Microfinance Institutions: The State of Practice” and can be downloaded at the link below : […]

top mfi in india 2014

Top Microfinance Companies in India 2014 – 2015 List

After a gap of more than five years, CRISIL – India’s leading agency for microfinance ratings has released it’s updated list of the top microfinance companies in India titled “India’s 25 Leading MFI’s“ for the years 2014 – 2015. The previous ranking of Microfinance Institutions was released in 2009 and was titled India’s Top 50 Microfinance Institutions. CRISIL has been […]

microfinance quity investments 2014

The Art of the Responsible Exit in Microfinance Equity Sales

As the microfinance industry matures, a question that has come into sharper focus is how social investors committed to advancing responsible finance practices should “exit responsibly” from the microfinance institutions (MFIs) in which they have invested over the years. As they prepare to sell their stakes, what options do development-minded investors have to help ensure responsible behavior by their […]

microfinance india 2014

Microfinance Market Outlook 2014

Released in late 2013, the Microfinance Market Outlook 2014 report by Responsibility provides an in depth assessment of the environment and challenges that face 10,000+ microfinance companies around the world. Microfinance Market Outlook 2014 Download the pdf report at the link below : Microfinance-Market-Outlook-2014.pdf Download previous years version 2013 Microfinance Market Outlook  Key findings of […]

microscope microfinance 2014

Global microscope on the microfinance business environment 2013 Report

This report outlines the findings of The Economist Intelligence Unit’s in-depth analysis of the microfinance business environment in 55 countries. The index that underlies this report allows countries and regions to be compared across two broad categories: Regulatory Framework and Practices, which examines regulatory and market-entry conditions, and Supporting Institutional Framework, which assesses business practices […]


State of Microfinance Investment 2013 Report – Microrate

MicroRate’s released it’s 8th annual survey and analysis of microfinance investment vehicles (MIVs) in November 2013. This report is based on interviews with MIV managers and data from 92 active MIVs representing $8.1 billion in collective assets under management (as of December 2012). The key findings of the report include: MIV growth continues along the […]

microfinance europe 2014 report

European Green Microfinance – Report 2014

European Green Microfinance Abstract In this paper we provide the first study on the development and trends of green microfinance in Europe: member, candidate and potential candidate countries. The study contains, but it is not limited to, information about environmentally friendly initiatives developed by institutions that provide microfinance services in Europe and elaborates on their […]

world bank inclusive growth

Poverty Traps 2014 Report

The world bank has released a policy research working paper in April 2014 titled “Do Poverty Traps Exist” authored by two researchers Aart Kraay and David McKenzie. The full paper can be downloaded at the link below : Do Poverty Traps Exist? Download at the link below : poverty-traps-report-2014-pdf Abstract This paper reviews the empirical […]

women entrepreneurs india 2014

IFC Report Finds Sizeable Financing Gap for Women Entrepreneurs in India

IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, has released a study that finds financial institutions meet only 27 percent of the financing demand of women-owned micro, small and medium enterprises in India. The study titled Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise Finance: Improving Access to Finance for Women-owned Businesses in India, undertaken by IFC in […]

microfinance 2013

Microfinance Market Outlook 2013

Early this year, Responsibility Investments released a report titled Microfinance Markets Outlook 2013, the full report can be downloaded at the link below : Download it at the link below : Microfinance Market Outlook 2013- PDF Key Findings of Microfinance Market Outlook 2013 The global microfinance industry again posted growth of almost 20% in 2012. […]

Microfinance India State of sector report 2013

Microfinance India – State of the Sector Report 2012

ACCESS Development Services has made Microfinance India – State of the Sector Report 2012 available for free download online. The Microfinance India – State of Sector Report for 2013 is expected to be released at the 10th Microfinance India Summit  to be held from December 9-10, 2013 at Hotel The Ashok, New Delhi, India. Microfinance India […]

livelihoods research india

Enhancing agricultural livelihoods through community institutions in Bihar, India

The World Bank recently released a report on how agricultural livelihoods can be enhanced using community institutions in Bihar, India. The detailed research report can be downloaded at the link below : Enhancing Agricultural Livelihoods through Community Institutions Right click on the link below and choose “Save Link As” or “Save Target As” Enhancing agricultural […]

microfinance study mobile banking

Study on MFI Usage of Mobile Banking released

In late 2012 Triple Jump Advisory Services, in collaboration with MicroFinance Opportunities (MFO), conducted a global study with the aim of allowing it’s MFI portfolio partners share their experiences in offering a mobile banking service with other practitioners and allow Triple Jump to see how they could support their MFI partners with grants for advisory […]

microfinance india review 2013

M-CRIL – Microfinance India Review 2012

M-CRIL has released a report on the the Indian Microfinance Sector which presents an analysis of the performance of Indian MFI’s in the newly regulated environment that is emerging in response to the crisis since October 2010 in this sub-sector of the Indian financial services industry. The full review can be downloaded at the link below : […]

state of microfinance investment 2012

State of Microfinance Investment 2012 Report

Last week, MicroRate released the State of Microfinance Investment 2012, which finds that microfinance investment has stabilized into a lower growth rate following the global financial crisis. According to Sebastian von Stauffenberg, CEO of MicroRate, “The findings from this year’s study show how the microfinance investment market is maturing and settling into a more sustainable […]

microfinance india state of sector report 2011

Microfinance India – State of the Sector Report 2011 – Download PDF

ACCESS Development the publisher of the Microfinance India – State of the Sector Report has made it’s latest annual report available for free download. The 2012 Microfinance India report will released later this year at the 9th Microfinance India Summit 2012. Early bird registrations are currently open for the Microfinance India Summit. Microfinance India – 2011 – […]

crisil microfinance 2014

RBI Monetary Policy Review 2012

CRISIL has released a report on RBI’s July Monetary policy review. The RBI has maintained status-quo on interest rates as inflation concerns continue to dominate.  The report analyses the impact of this policy on the Indian economy. Download the full report at the link below :  CRISIL Monetary policy review-July 2012 Overview The Reserve Bank […]

nabard microfinance 2011

NABARD Microfinance India Report 2011

NABARD has released it’s Status of Microfinance Report for 2010-2011. Nabard has been publishing data on Microfinance in India for many years along with an analysis of the data compiled from various NGO’s, government departments and industry associations. The NABARD Microfinance India Report 2011 report documents the progress under the SHG-Bank Linkage program over the […]