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Human Resource Management Practices among MFI’s in India

Access Development services has released a report on the state of Human Resource practices in India’s Microfinance sector after studying the policies and practices of 25 Microfinance companies in India’s. The report is titled ” Report on Human Resource Management in Microfinance Institutions: The State of Practice” and can be downloaded at the link below : […]

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Top Microfinance Companies in India 2014 – 2015 List

After a gap of more than five years, CRISIL – India’s leading agency for microfinance ratings has released it’s updated list of the top microfinance companies in India titled “India’s 25 Leading MFI’s“ for the years 2014 – 2015. The previous ranking of Microfinance Institutions was released in 2009 and was titled India’s Top 50 Microfinance Institutions. CRISIL has been […]

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The Art of the Responsible Exit in Microfinance Equity Sales

As the microfinance industry matures, a question that has come into sharper focus is how social investors committed to advancing responsible finance practices should “exit responsibly” from the microfinance institutions (MFIs) in which they have invested over the years. As they prepare to sell their stakes, what options do development-minded investors have to help ensure responsible behavior by their […]

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Microfinance Market Outlook 2014

Released in late 2013, the Microfinance Market Outlook 2014 report by Responsibility provides an in depth assessment of the environment and challenges that face 10,000+ microfinance companies around the world. Microfinance Market Outlook 2014 Download the pdf report at the link below : Microfinance-Market-Outlook-2014.pdf Download previous years version 2013 Microfinance Market Outlook  Key findings of […]

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Global microscope on the microfinance business environment 2013 Report

This report outlines the findings of The Economist Intelligence Unit’s in-depth analysis of the microfinance business environment in 55 countries. The index that underlies this report allows countries and regions to be compared across two broad categories: Regulatory Framework and Practices, which examines regulatory and market-entry conditions, and Supporting Institutional Framework, which assesses business practices […]


State of Microfinance Investment 2013 Report – Microrate

MicroRate’s released it’s 8th annual survey and analysis of microfinance investment vehicles (MIVs) in November 2013. This report is based on interviews with MIV managers and data from 92 active MIVs representing $8.1 billion in collective assets under management (as of December 2012). The key findings of the report include: MIV growth continues along the […]