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Transaction Cost Reduction Models For MFI’s – Case Study

By T.S.Anand Kumar , V.Praseeda Sanu and Jeyanth K.Newport   Transaction Cost Reduction Models For Micro Finance Institutions Abstract During the past ten years, the microfinance industry has established itself as a dynamic and fast-growing segment of the region’s financial markets. As a result, what once was a relatively obscure grassroots movement has become a […]

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Resolving Complaints by Microfinance Clients – A Case Study

The Smart Campaign has released a case study on the different mechanisms which are being employed by Ujjivan Financial Services Pvt. Ltd to help resolve client complaints. Over the years Ujjivan has evolved 5 distinct channels to resolve and address issues raised by Microfinance clients Customer Care Representatives Written complaints Customer Connect Program Helpdesk/Phone line […]

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World Bank releases case study on Self Help Groups

The World Bank has released a working paper on SHG’s in India titled. Collective action and community development : Evidence from self-help groups in rural India. The report can be accessed below. Download the Report at the link below : Self-Help-Groups in India 2013 ABSTRACT In response to the problems of high coordination costs among […]

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Causes of big gender disparities in local industrial structures and female entrepreneurship in India

ABSTRACT Despite rapid economic growth, gender disparities in women’s economic participation have remained deep and persistent in India. What explains these huge gender disparities? Is it poor infrastructure, limited education, and gender composition of the labor force and industries? Or is it deficiencies in social and business networks and a low share of incumbent female […]

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Natural capital, ecological scarcity and rural poverty – Research Paper

Author : Barbier, Edward B.; ABSTRACT Much of the rural poor — who are growing in number — are concentrated in ecologically fragile and remote areas. The key ecological scarcity problem facing such poor households is a vicious cycle of declining livelihoods, increased ecological degradation and loss of resource commons, and declining ecosystem services on […]

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M-CRIL paper on Initial Public Offerings of MFI’s

A Commissioned Workshop Paper titled Initial Public Offerings: The field’s salvation or downfall? was written by Mr Sanjay Sinha, Managing Director, Micro-Credit Ratings International Limited, India and presented at the 2011 Global Microcredit Summit, which was held from November 14-17, 2011 at Valladolid, Spain. The paper analyses the impact of SKS Microfinance’s IPO on the Indian […]