How Will Post-Brexit EU Trade Affect Online Investors?

One of the most profound sticking points in relation to the Brexit referendum centered around trade regulations. Although the average Briton was understandably focused with domestic affairs, there is no doubt that institutional investors were more concerned with the long-term potential ramifications of any trade hindrances. This subject has recently been addressed by some major … Continue reading “How Will Post-Brexit EU Trade Affect Online Investors?”

Why is Gurgaon a good option for buying property?

Located adjacent to the Indian capital, Gurgaon in the National Capital Region (NCR), has come a long way from being a tiny little agricultural village, to developing as an industrial hub. Boasting of high per capita income, excellent infrastructure, and optimal connectivity, the Millennium City is a significant industrial and residential center today. With various … Continue reading “Why is Gurgaon a good option for buying property?”

Digital Summit Kicks Off At IIM Bangalore

The Executive Post Graduate Programme in Management (EPGP) hosted a one-day conference “Digital Summit” today at IIM Bangalore’s Bannerghatta road campus. The summit featured talks by eminent policy makers, entrepreneurs, consultants and innovators. The event saw more than 300 delegates participating making in a jam packed conference venue. The keynote speech was delivered by Mr … Continue reading “Digital Summit Kicks Off At IIM Bangalore”

What makes corporate health insurance insufficient to deal with medical expenses?

Vishal is a family man with spouse and two kids. Although he has not incurred any heavy medical expenses till now, he is confident that in the case of any medical emergency, his employer health insurance would be sufficient to deal with the healthcare costs. Nevertheless, Vishal is making a mistake by depending only on … Continue reading “What makes corporate health insurance insufficient to deal with medical expenses?”

How To Get Free Windows 10 Update Key

Windows 10 was released by Microsoft on July 29th, 2015. The company offered existing users of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 a free upgrade to the new operating system worth Rs 7500 until July 29,2016. All those users of genuine and pirated windows who upgraded to Windows 10 before this date got a free Windows Key … Continue reading “How To Get Free Windows 10 Update Key”

Financial Planning As Per Life Stage

Creating a financial plan is not rocket science. You just have to devote your time and ensure that all ingredients are in the right place. A financial plan that is perfect for you may not apply to someone else. So we have made tips on how to create a good financial plan depending on what … Continue reading “Financial Planning As Per Life Stage”

What is the Current Interest Rate on Fixed Deposits?

Since time immemorial, consumers have parked their savings in assets such as gold and land. The problem with Cash is that it does not generate a return. Idle cash loses its value over time because of inflation and can be easily squandered on impulsive purchases. So our ancestors invested it in gold, land and farm … Continue reading “What is the Current Interest Rate on Fixed Deposits?”