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How to avoid your Start Up from getting a Hangover !

If you are thinking of starting up or already have taken the leap, consider some tried and tested remedies that can prevent your start up from getting a nasty hangover: H = Hanging Out With Friends The worst hangovers happen when you hang out with close friends and folks with whom you feel uninhibited. It […]


ICT growth story: eIndia 2010 Conference

By Sachin Tiwari , Detail Talk Emerging from the volume of notes that I made from the sessions at eIndia 2010 last week in Hyderabad, I can tell you that this certainly is an event which one needs to attend for an appraisal all things ICT happening, changing and at times transforming India. Although, the […]


Have you been ‘wiped’ out ? Learning from failures

Guest article by Alok Kejriwal , Founder of C2W Group Losing is winning. In the upper Himalayas, an ancient Tibetan monastery follows a secret Zen tradition. Newly ordained monks perform their daily rituals of chanting, meditation, cooking and cleaning and in the evening paint colorful patterns on the floor (Rangoli in India) using dry powder […]


Have you partnered with thieves and robbers ?

Guest article by Alok Kejriwal, Founder of C2W Group In early 2008, at, we had created a huge hit game called ‘Bombay Taxi’. It was a really funny flash game that challenged you to park a Black and Yellow taxi in the crowded streets of Mumbai while overcoming obstacles like beggars, kite fliers, local […]

What Works, What Doesn't, In Rural Financial Markets of India

By SUDIP BANDYOPADHYAY Some 70% of India still exists in rural and semi-urban areas, where people derive their income predominantly from agriculture and related activities. Increasingly, there has been an emphasis on the critical requirement of inclusive growth with successive governments placing enormous stress on providing the necessary stimulus to make this happen. That has […]