6 Business Accounting Technologies

Accounting is no longer a tedious process that involves poring through reams of documents and juggling account entries to save taxes. It is now a digital process and it can be computed using software which also files your business returns. The advent of digital receipts has made accounting easier as the entire process can now be … Continue reading “6 Business Accounting Technologies”

Best Prepaid Forex Cards For Business Trips

Prepaid currency cards or Forex cards are similar to debit and credit cards. The main difference is that you need load a prepaid card with currency and it is not linked to your bank account. Prepaid currency cards have evolved to become a must have for travellers because of the numerous benefits it offers. They … Continue reading “Best Prepaid Forex Cards For Business Trips”

Bharat Road Network IPO Analysis

The IPO of Bharat Road Network Limited (BRNL) will open for subscription on the 6th September and close on the 8th September 2017. The company is a fully owned subsidiary of SREI Infrastructure Finance group which is listed on the NSE and the BSE. SREI Infrastructure which owns the company has seen it’s share price … Continue reading “Bharat Road Network IPO Analysis”

FinTech Events To Attend In 2017 – 2018

Attending fintech events is an easy way to find out what technologies other financial companies are working on. These events always manage to attract individuals from a diverse background working in different sectors. They are ideal for networking with peers and connecting with investors. Fintech events are being conducted across the globe by payment companies, … Continue reading “FinTech Events To Attend In 2017 – 2018”

How To Gain Money With Trading Platforms

Technology is transforming the way people trade. Whilst people can be reticent about changing from tried and tested trading methods, modern apps can offer viable, practical and user-friendly alternatives. Developments within app technology mean that trading can now be completed securely and efficiently with many apps offering real-time updates to trade prices. Trades can now be … Continue reading “How To Gain Money With Trading Platforms”

New Technology Makes Investing Easy In India

Investing in India has always been plagued by the lack of reliable research and investment advice. Stock brokers have for long been accused of coercing investors to invest in companies that most often deliver returns lower than they promise. Investors have also been unable to overcome their internal biases while making an investment decision. Many … Continue reading “New Technology Makes Investing Easy In India”

Make your money work even harder for you by investing in FD

If a person knows how to secure his/her money in proper manner then the person is ready to invest that money to generate additional income.  Fixed Deposit is one of the best schemes which financial institutions provide under different types of terms and condition but the result will always be in your favor because at … Continue reading “Make your money work even harder for you by investing in FD”