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Managing Problems of Pulse Production and Prices in India

It is a sheer but timely coincidence that India has witnessed unprecedented rise in the prices of pulses in recent months and the United Nations’ General Assembly has declared 2016 as the International Year of Pulses. In this context, the past 65 years field experiences in India reveal year to year significant variance in the […]

pulses india

Strategy to reduce India’s Dependence on Import of Edible Oils

With 21 % of world’s area and 15% of world’s production India is the fourth largest oil seed producing country in the world, next to USA, China and Brazil. Oilseeds in India account for the second largest agricultural commodities after cereals sharing 13% of the country’s gross cropped area, nearly 5% of gross national product […]

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Pulses Productivity and Production in India 2015

To improve Pulse Productivity & the Grow More Pulses Campaign. Despite India being the largest producer [18.5 million tons] and processor of pulses in the world also imports around 3.5 million tons annually on an average to meet its ever increasing consumption needs of around 22.0 million tons. According to Indian Institute of Pulses Research’s […]

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Food Processing Industry in India 2015

Harnessing the Potential of the Food Processing Industry in India The Food Processing Industry in India has the potential to contribute to the country’s agricultural growth and employment, alleviate rural poverty, guarantee food and nutritional security and contain food inflation. Policy intervention and programs sharply focused on developing the food processing industry in India with a 10 […]

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Sustainable Food Systems for Food security and Nutrition in India

October 16th 2014 is the World Food Day which is observed every year in more than 150 countries. This year the theme for the day is “Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition” to highlight and create awareness of the problem of hunger worldwide, seek solutions to food security problem, call for changes to our agriculture […]

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2014 The International Year of Family Farming

By  Dr Amrit Patel India Can Capitalize Opportunity to Make FFs Food-secure The year 2014 being declared as the International Year of Family Farming [IYFF] by the FAO of the United Nations and it presents immense opportunities to India to make family farms food secure. It is time now to view Family Farmers (FFs) as part […]

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Issues facing Agricultural Credit in India 

Dr Amrit Patel Dr Amrit R. Patel is the Retired Deputy General Manager, Bank of Baroda, Mumbai, he can be contacted by email at Agricultural Credit in India Credit is a catalyst that lubricates the process to accelerate the farm and non-farm sector development including rural industrialization, business and service segments of the economy. […]

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Manifesto for Agricultural Sector in India 2014 : Agenda for Future

B. Yerram Raju The Author is Member, Board of Governors, Farm And Rural Science Foundation. This document has been prepared for the FRSF, Hyderabad. He can be contacted by email at ‘If farming fails nothing else succeeds in this country.’ Manifesto for Indian Agricultural Sector 2014 Economic growth of this predominantly agrarian country depends […]