World Bank approves credit of Rs 750 Crore for Rajasthan Rural Livelihoods Project

The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors yesterday approved credit of US$ 162.7 million (Rs 750 Crore Approximately ) for the Rajasthan Rural Livelihoods Project (RRLP). The total project cost is estimated to touch US$ 183.8 million and has a maturity period of 35 years. The credit will be provided through the International Development Association(IDA).

Rajasthan Rural Livelihoods Project

The objective of the Rajasthan Rural Livelihoods Project for India is to enhance economic opportunities and empowerment of the rural poor, with a focus on women and marginalized groups, in the 17 targeted districts of Rajasthan.

There are five components to the project, the first component being institution building and social empowerment. The objective of this component will be to help the poor mobilize themselves into Self Help Groups (SGHs), and gradually develop their own capacity to initiate and expand sustainable livelihoods activities.World Bank livelihoods rajasthan

The second component is the community investment support. The objective of this component will be to support asset creation of SHGs and their federations and identify and support innovative approaches to improve the livelihoods of the rural poor.

The third component is the skills development and employment promotion. The objective of this component will be to support beneficiaries to capture new employment opportunities through the establishment of a structured mechanism for skill development and job creation.

The fourth component is the climate change adaptation. The objective of this component is to develop and implement drought adaptation mechanisms and institutional models, at the state, district, and local level, for a more effective delivery of assistance to drought-affected communities through improved coordination and leveraging programs, currently delivered by the Government of Rajasthan.

Finally, the fifth component is the project implementation support.

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1 Comment

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