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Workshop on Inclusive Web Programming – June 1st 2014

A Workshop on Inclusive Web Programming which involves programming on the Web with Open Data for Societal Applications is being held in conjunction with 36th International Conference on Software Engineering Hyderabad, India; May 31-June 4, 2014.

The workshop on Inclusive Web Programming is scheduled to be held on 1st June 2014.

inclusive web programming

Inclusive Web Programming Workshop India 2014

Open Government Data is a recent and rapidly growing phenomenon. Governments are increasingly taking initiatives to make their data available online in open formats and under licenses that allow use, reuse & redistribution of government data. More than two hundred open data catalogs exist for cities, state and federal governments that have made their data publicly available.

Prominent among them are London (UK), Chicago (USA), Washington DC (USA), Dublin (Ireland), USA (, India ( and Kenya (‎). Some of these agencies have also opened up their data as a platform encouraging development of applications for public good. There is a World Wide Web Consortium’s working group on Government Linked Data (W3C GLD WG) specifically to promote usage of open data programmatically with web standards.

Aims of the workshop

  • Draw the attention of the Software engineering community to the research challenges & opportunities in building web apps using open data for citizens
  • Draw the attention on the multi-disciplinary dimension & its impact on government
  • Explore the software life cycle for the web apps including building, hosting and maintenance, commercialization, upgrades & retirement
  • Cloud hosting issues
  • Elaborate a benchmark for testing web applications techniques for city applications
  • Provide a platform for sharing best-practices & discussion
  • Understand how governments can help in better usage of their data & building of high-quality, usable applications, & provide feedback to improve

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