Watercredit.org launched

Water.org has launched WaterCredit.org, an online resource to educate stakeholders about the growing intersection of international microfinance with the water and sanitation crisis. By applying the concepts and best practices of micro-lending, organizations like Water.org are reaching an ever-increasing number of people living in poverty with safe water and sanitation at a faster and more efficient pace compared to traditional charity.

“As a public resource, WaterCredit.org’s ultimate purpose is to make a comprehensive contribution to the microfinance and water and sanitation communities,” explained April Rinne, Water.org’s director of WaterCredit. “We intend to broaden site content over time, and we actively solicit contributions from other organizations and stakeholders working in this space.”

water credit india

The WaterCredit Initiative is firmly rooted in a holistic approach to poverty alleviation, which acknowledges that those living in poverty have a variety of basic needs – including access to water and sanitation, health care, housing, energy and education – and ready access to finance can help to meet these needs in responsible, sustainable ways. Participants in WaterCredit programs not only receive access to water and sanitation, but also ultimately can own the assets financed, experience improved health, and regain valuable time that can be spent productively.

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