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New Ultra Poor case study offers new insight on Livelihood Development

Unitus Labs and Kriti Vaaradhi have released a new case study on livelihood development program for the Ultra Poor in India. The study identifies both challenges and successes associated with livelihoods-led ultra poor interventions, specifically understanding the priorities and capabilities of the ultra poor as producers.

Developed by Hyderabad-based Kriti Social Initiatives, the Vaaradhi pilot was designed to provide local urban ultra poor households with a comprehensive array of services to improve their income levels and standard of living.

Ultra Poor India – Case Study

The Vaaradhi pilot provided training to women in crafting incense sticks, making paper bags, introductory tailoring, and basic goods retail – all work that could supplement the wages earned by male members of the family. The livelihoods activity was combined with access to healthcare clinics, primary education services, and savings initiatives to allow households to build on the momentum of increased income.

Download Case Study on Livelihood Development for Ultra Poor

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Krithi Vaardhi Case Study-PDF-59-pages-2.3 MB

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