Tribal Communities hold mass rally against MFI’s in Andhra Pradesh

Tribal Communities in Andhra Pradesh held a mass rally and demonstration last week against microfinance companies in Andhra Pradesh as per a video report filed by RAJ News. The rally was organised by CPI(M-L) New Democracy, a mutant Maoist organisation and sibling of the CPI(Maoist).

Tribals communities in Andhra Pradesh, such as Girijans attended this rally in Bhadrachalam and the activists later submitted a list of demands to government officials asking them to take action against MFI’s.

So far the Political Parties in Andhra Pradesh have refused to let the issue die a natural death and are currently engaged in a game of political oneupmanship with all the ultra-left, parliamentary-left and center-right political parties keen on projecting themselves as saviors of MFI clients.

Language – Telugu

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