Things We Never Thought Would Be Sold Online

E-commerce has developed gigantically over the last ten years. Today, where time is a constraint, everything is available just a click away. Gone are the days when online shopping was only done for clothing and accessories. This medium is becoming more and more popular by engaging consumers in other categories as well. Online shopping now involves products which no one thought would be sold online. Let’s take a look at few such products:

  1. Groceries – with the same level of freshness and quality

For any household, spending on daily essentials and groceries is the largest and most consistent share of the wallet. With growing penetration of internet and increasing popularity of online shopping, entrepreneurs have capped this potential and created e-stores for groceries.

Online grocery stores offer a wide range of food products for all your daily needs. These stores are stocked with fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood, and a wide range of bread, bakery products as well fresh cheeses from around the world.

So, if you are reluctant to use online grocery stores, just because you cannot pick the best tomatoes or apples with your own hands, think again. These online stores are worth considering. Here’s why-

Buying groceries online offers some significant advantages. On the off chance that you live in an urban region, you know how much time and fuel it takes to get to the store and back. But having fresh stuff delivered to you spares your time. What’s more, it guarantees that you can set up your meal in peace and still have time to do different things you cherish.


  1. Furniture – ample sturdy designs available online

If you can trust the right quality of apples to be delivered to your door then why not a good-looking chair that comes at a great price bought online? Yes, even furniture is easily available online these days. There are many online furnishing stores out there stocking up high-quality furniture and decor items at low prices.

Furniture items for home and office alike can be purchased at discount prices where you can save an enormous amount of your hard-earned money. You can choose from contemporary to modern as well as the traditional furniture from online stores at affordable prices. Moreover, some websites offer special deals and discount on occasions such as New Year, Diwali, Dussehra, Holi, etc. where you can save more than 50 percent of your money.

  1. Medicines – just one click away

Purchasing medicines online has become a common scene these days. People all around the world are becoming chained to the rhythm of online pharmacies. Why? Well, it’s because of the benefits it brings with it.

If you lead a busy lifestyle and simply do not have time to visit the local pharmacy, online stores are extremely helpful. The same goes for ones who live a long way from their nearest pharmacy or perhaps the ill or elderly who are not able to travel independently. Additionally, by shopping for your medicine online, you can avoid stress and do it as per your convenience- as slowly or as quickly as you like.

  1. Financial Products – with features and benefits

In the sphere of personal finance as well, where you were once restricted to accessing details of your bank account, e-commerce now allows you to compare and buy financial products online (something for which you had to walk into a branch earlier). Online portals provide great convenience in terms of documentation and servicing. You can easily speak or chat with a service executive who can help you understand details of different financial products.

These advantages even apply to buying different types of insurance policies online. The benefit lies in your ability to control all the parameters of your search, for example, finding a life insurance policy with adequate cover and riders.

Sometimes, insurance agents may sell you a wrong policy without understanding your needs (in their quest to sell policies for commissions). However, buying life insurance online can help you make an informed purchase. Additionally, when you buy different types of insurance policies online, where there are no agents involved, the premium payable also becomes easy on your pocket.

bed furniture

  1. House – you get a virtual tour of the property sitting at your home

The online property portals are catching up fast in India. Traditionally people used to approach developers through a real estate broker or directly and make the booking. But now, they can buy or rent a property online. On such property portals, you can browse results from all across the country and make your decision.

From cities to specific projects with specification and pricing details, all such information is available on these portals. You can even see the pictures of the property sitting at home. Not only this, but you can also compare two localities or two projects as per your needs and then reach a buying decision.


The fact that online shopping has widely spread, simply means that customers today have more choices available to them. It’s true that for some types of purchases, shopping online makes more sense than purchasing locally.

Having said that, if you are careful, you can have a great experience of buying things online. And making a wise and informed purchasing decision, will certainly help you meet your needs.

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