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The committee that gave Henry Kissinger the Nobel peace prize has given it this year(2006) to Mohammed Younus, the economist who put the word “microloan” on the map with the Grameen Bank in his native land of
Bangladesh. That’s progress of a sort. But in terms of hot air, any sentences linking “peace” with “Henry Kissinger” aren’t immeasurably more vacuous than the notion that microloans can help–to use the language of the Nobel Committee’s citation “large population groups find ways in which to break out of poverty.”

Throughout the late Eighties and Nineties, in the verbal currency of first-world do-gooders, “microloans” became one of those magically fungible words, embedded in a thousand Foundation and NGO annual reports, like “sustainable”. What could be more virtuous in terms of prudent philanthropy than giving very small loans to very poor women? Microloans breath healthful uplift, as divorced from the sordid world of mega-loans (though not, it turns out, mega interest rates), as are micro-brews from Budweiser.

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