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Survey of Entrepreneurs in India 2011

The Legatum Institute Survey of Entrepreneurs: India 2011, is one of a wider series of surveys that examines Entrepreneurship across India and other developing countries. It examines how entrepreneurs on the ground feel about their countries business structure, reflecting the opportunities available to them, and the challenges they face.

The survey on Indian Entrepreneurs was released in September 2011 and can be downloaded at the link below :

survey of entrepreneurs india


Download Survey of Entrepreneurs in India 2011

at the link below :

2011 Surveys of Entrepreneurs – India : PDF

Alternate download link : here


  • Overview
  • Summary Findings
  • Optimism
  • Motivation, Inspiration and Opportunity
  • Networks, Family and Society
  • Corruption and “Jugaad”
  • Finance and Economy
  • Governement
  • Entrepreneurial Environment
  • Sample
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