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5 Awesome Startups At TechHub London

Campus London, a startup community recently celebrated its fifth anniversary in June 2017. To commemorate the occasion, five startups experiencing high traction incubated at Tech Hub in London demoed their products. Tech Hub is a global community that helps create an environment that nurtures entrepreneurs. It does this by offering co-working spaces, organizing workshops, events and generating publicity.

Tech Hub operates from three locations globally and has offices in Bangalore, Bucharest and London.  Tech Hub works in collaboration with Campus London , Seedcamp and and is supported by Google For Entrepreneurs. The event organized on June 6th, 2017 was moderated by its CEO.


Elizabeth Varley, Co-founder and CEO of Tech Hub on Demo Day.

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Benivo –

Benivo offers relocation support to corporate employees at extremely competitive prices. Some of the world’s leading organizations like Google, Microsoft, Skype, McKinsey & Co, Vodafone, Transferwise, Aol and Bloomberg have already signed up with this startup. In a short span of 12 months, the company has been able to scale up it’s client base from five to fifty and now offers it’s services in 75 locations across the globe.

The company has found favor with global corporates because it offers custom relocation services to entry-level and mid-level professionals. Another key USP of their offering is their Social Insights program that helps new hires fit into their new organization.

nitzan uyudan

Nitzan Yudan, CEO and Co-Founder Of Benivo.

Third Eye

A startup focused on the fast growing retail sector, the company uses computer vision to monitor all the interactions a customer performs in the aisles of a supermarket. The companies software plugs into existing security camera’s to enhance the shopping experience for customers while reducing costs for retailers.For instance, their software can analyse if a supermarket shelf is stocked or empty. If the shelf is depleted the program will alert a store employee who can then replenish supplies quickly. This increases sales and reduces customer hassles.

Supermarkets globally lose close to US$ 72 billion annually to theft and there already exist many solutions to prevent fraud. Third Eye Labs helps integrate all these separate systems into one seamless platform. You can take a look at their fascinating pitch here. The company has partnered with UK’s largest retailer Tesco (3000+ outlets) to test it’s concept of AI managed stores.

third eye

Razwan Ghafoor , Co-Founder Of Third Eye Labs.

WeVat –

The tax laws in the United Kingdom allows tourists to claim back the VAT charged on goods purchased during their shopping trips. However collecting the refunds is a cumbersome process. It requires a lot of paperwork and running around. WeVaT helps tourists reclaim these refunds which can go up to 20% of the shopping bills total through their mobile app.

Usually requests for VAT refunds need to be submitted to the retailer where you purchased your goods after it has been endorsed by the customs. This deters many tourists who already face a paucity of time. By using the WeVAT mobile app you can skip all the paperwork. All you need to do is submit a picture of your bill through the app and the company will do the paperwork for you and transfer the refunds to your bank account.


Dmitry Ivanov, one of the co-founders of WeVaT.

Juke Deck –

This company uses Artificial Intelligence to compose music for companies. The startup uses state-of-the-art technology to alter and create music to cater to shifting consumer tastes. The company has built in machine learning into their algorithms which improves the quality of it’s products over time. It’s AI has till date created more than 500,000 tracks which are being used in 169 countries. The company also claims that it’s AI music compositions have garnered over 30 million views on


Members of the audience at the demo day.

Booking Factory –

Booking factory provides a reservation management system for small hotels, serviced apartments, family operated bed & breakfast homes. The company offers more features than it’s competitors like Little Hotelier, Eviivo and Cloudbeds. Booking Factory’s suite of products represent a big step in bringing automation to the front desk of hotels. The company charges £ 50 per month for new users who sign up.

The startup allows you to connect seamlessly to hundreds of sales channels like,,, Tripadvisor, Trivago and others making it possible to manage all your listings from a single dashboard. This helps solve a major pain point that hotel managers face; inventory allocation.

booking websites presentation

An employee of Booking Factory explains her companies product at Tech Hub London Demo Day.

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