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World Startup Expo Begins In Bangalore

The first edition of what has been billed by some VC’s as the biggest startup event of 2016, began today at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center (BIEC). Christened the World Startup Expo (WSE) the event saw hundreds of startup founders, investors and entrepreneurs gather at the convention center located on the outskirts of Bangalore.

WSE is a unique 3-day event which provides a platform to connect investors with companies looking for growth capital. Several prominent HNWI’s from the Middle East, incubators and government agencies made their presence felt at the conference by interacting with participants, delivering keynotes and mingling with an enthusiastic group of startup founders.

biec convention center

The Venue.

Organized by Cocoon Ventures it is their maiden international expo targeted at Startups in India. Cocoon Ventures is a VC firm based in the UAE and is primarily focused on investing in early-stage startups. It has over the years helped several startups transform in to successful profitable companies. Some of the notable companies in which it holds a substantial stake is the online fashion portal targeted at customers of middle eastern countries called Markat and an online talent discovery platform called AirMeLive. Cocoon Ventures brings decades of experience in different sectors of the global economy. It primarily provides seed and growth capital to early stage startups. They are seeking to share their expertise and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs in India.

The last few months have seen global investors flocking to Bangalore seeking to acquire a stake in emerging startups. Chinese investors held a mega conclave in September 2016, this was followed by the Europeans who organized the EU India Startup Summit in November 2016. For our complete coverage on Startups and Technology do not forget to visit our Tech Section.

Mr Nebu K Abraham, CEO Of Cocoon Ventures delivers the Welcome Note at WSE 2016.

Mr Nebu K Abraham, CEO Of Cocoon Ventures delivers the Welcome Note at WSE 2016.

The conference was inaugurated by the CEO of Cocoon Ventures who spoke about why some companies succeed and some fail. According to him there are four stages that every entrepreneur goes through. The Stages are as follows:

  1. Idea Formulation & Taking The Leap Stage – In this stage the idea looks larger than life. There is generally an air of positivity and optimism all around you. You fail to realize that you might be overly optimistic about your chances of success. So you begin your venture in earnest, eager to take your product to the people.
  2. Fall and Fight Stage – Once your product / service is launched you are forced the confront its shortcomings based on the feedback you receive from your customers. Then you need to quickly pivot to areas where you are seeing traction. A large number of startups fail at this stage because they are not responsive to the needs of the clients and lack the tenacity to continue the fight.
  3. Climbing Stage – In the third stage you slowly find your footing and your product sees wider acceptance. You slowly realize the strengths of your offering and learn to build on it’s success.
  4. Flying High Stage – Your idea gains wide acceptance and is adopted by the masses. You see a rise in margins and revenues. Now you are ready to go to the global stage.

Some Pictures Of The Expo Follow Below:

The inaguration of the Expo

The ribbon being cut by dignitaries at the inauguration of the Exposition Hall.


hackathon tables

The room where the Hackathon will be conducted. On offer are prizes worth up to Rs 4 Lakh.

The Three-Day World Startup Expo consists of

  • An Expo – The expo has more 150 Startup Booths where founders showcase their products and services.
  • A Conference – Which has leading speakers from Silicon Valley along with startup founders sharing their success stories.
  • A Hackathon with prize money of US$6000 (Rs 4 Lakh approximately). More than 500 students/ IT professionals are expected to take part in this overnight event.
  • A Pitch Session and Award Night for outliers among startups.

This is an event that all entrepreneurs and startups in Bangalore, must not miss out on ! You can register for a free pass to visit the expo at The event is open till 7:30 pm on Nov 23rd when the Startup Awards will be distributed.


The Moolya Booth at the Expo.



Zoyolo Booth At The Expo.

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