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Social enterprises in microfinance : M S Sriram – News Digest

Social enterprises in microfinance
By M. S Sriram
The microfinance sector has multiple forms of organisations, with multiple orientations carrying out business. On the face of it, they do not look all that different in form and the way their services are delivered. There would be little difference in form between the activities and group meetings of a Samhita or a Cashpor group [not-for-profit operations] or an Aarohan and an Bandhan group. Then how are these fundamentally different? 
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Microfinance: Time to move towards financial inclusion
By Tara Thiagarajan, Chairperson, Madura Microfinance. Read more on ET

SIDBI to resume investing in MFIs
State-run Small Industries Development Bank of India, or Sidbi, is contemplating equity investment in microfinance companies after a year long hiatus. ET

Banking licences: Ministry, RBI step up shadow-boxing
Regulator wants all eligible applicants to get licences, finance ministry says not a good idea. BS

MFI loan recast: Banks not keen to turn debt into equity
Bankers reluctant to change loans into shares, as it does not ensure the recovery of their dues. BS

Subir Roy: Creating a post office bank
The news that the Department of Posts has set out to try and start a bank is balm to this writer, who has been arguing for it for more than five years. The post office savings bank has huge deposits (totalling Rs 3.7 lakh crore at end-2009-10, nearly half of banking leader SBI’s. BS

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