SKS Microfinance staff looted of Rs 3.61 Lakh in Danapur, Bihar

Motorcycle borne criminals are alleged to have looted more than Rs 3.61 lakh cash from two employees of SKS Microfinance, the Danapur police have informed.

The Police said that two employees of SKS Microfinance, were on their way to the Punjab National Bank branch at Danapur Bazaar when four criminals riding on two motorcycles, overtook them and forced them to stop their two wheeler bikes. The criminals then threatened them and snatched the bags containing the cash.sks microfinance employees

The police further added that the statements of both the employees were found to be inconsistent even though they were travelling in the same motorcycle. Also no witness has so far come forward to provide information on the suspects even though the incident is supposed to have taken place in a crowded marketplace. The Police are investigating the matter and hope to soon bring the culprits to justice.

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