Regional Media Channels continue witchhunt against SKS Microfinance and AP MFI’s

Not content with having brought down Microfinance Institutions in Andhra Pradesh to their knees, regional Telugu news channels continue their malacious campaign.

Despite collections in Andhra Pradesh having dropped to a low of 10% , regional media channels still continue to run negative news stories alleging harrasment and intimidation by SKS Microfinance and other MFI’s operating in the state. This is clearly a tactic which is aimed at keeping the pressure on MFI’s and Politicians.

It seems like the whole definition of what constitutes coercion  has undergone a fundamental change over the past few months and now even asking borrowers to repay loans when they can constitutes harassment according to these media channels !mfi sks microfinance

TV5 News is one such news channel which has been running a high decibel sensationalist campaign to malign MFI’s operating in the state. In a report broadcast by the channel on 15th December 2010 , the reporter alleges that SKS Microfinance field staff have resumed pressurizing borrowers to repay loans after lying low for some time.

The channel then shows some microfinance clients claiming that they are being regularly harassed by SKS field staff to repay excessive interest. The video report in which the microfinance borrowers seem to have been tutored to speak against SKS Microfinance follows below :-

Link to Video

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