Schemes by the Ministry of Food Processing for NGO’s

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This Scheme covers the following activities:

(a) setting up/expansion/modernization of food processing industries covering all segments viz fruits & vegetable, milk prducts, meat poultry, fishery, cereal, pulses, oil seeds and such other agri horticultural sectors leading to value addition and shelf life enhancement including food flavours and colours, oleoresing, spices coconut, mushroom, hops etc.

(b) modernization of pulse milling unit – installation of driers and dust control system.

(c) setting up of mini pulse processing unit.


(I) Increase the level of processing, reduction of wastage, value addition, enhance the income of farmers as well as increase exports thereby resulting in overall economic development.

(II) Installation of driers and dust control system for drying of pulses/control of dust during processing for achieving productivity and efficiency.

(III) To propagate and popularize mini pulse mills developed by Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Mysore for socio-economic development in rural areas and promoting employment and better returns to pulse producers in pulse producing States.

Application Form

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I. Schemes for Technology  Upgradation/Establishment/ Modernization of Food Processing Industries

II. Scheme for Human Resoruce Development

III. Scheme for Quality Assurance, Codex Standards and Research & Development

IV. Scheme for Strengthening of Nodal Agencies

V. Scheme for Backward and Forward Integration and other Promotional Activities

VI. Schme for infrastructure Development

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Abhay is the founder and managing editor of India Microfinance. He is passionate about microfinance, financial inclusion and social entrepreneurship in India.

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Author: Abhay N

Abhay is the founder and managing editor of India Microfinance. He is passionate about microfinance, financial inclusion and social entrepreneurship in India.

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  1. आप मुझे ऑरेंज जूस प्लांट के बारे में विस्त्रत जानकारी देने की किरपा करे मैं किस प्रकार जूस प्लांट को लगा सकता हूँ Ministry of Food प्रोस्ससिंग किस प्रकार सहायता करता है

  2. Food Processing Training Programs (EDP) Training Programs and FPTC Training Programs 2016/2017

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  4. sir i am intrested in govt projects . i am working at govt projects but i am medical students . plz give me one projects in some time

  5. Dear sir, Please confirm current schemes of ministry for food processing sector. Rajendra Singh

  6. Dear Sir,
    I am an expert in food processing and cold chain expert for 30 years having a land at Rajarhat,Kolkata for cold chain needs Financial partner/consultant for establishing a cold chain project and also can assist N G Os.

  7. Sir,
    I have completed my PG course ie.M.Tech(Food processes Engineering).I want to start an Value added products of Palmyra, Tomato,Tamrind,Mango,Cereals and pulses. Kindly give me a Food products project Consultant with full address.

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